30 June 2007


Hurrah! Hurrah! I am writing this just after midnight on the very day on which England finally bans smoking in all public and work places. Tonight Shirley and I went down to the local and three young people - in their twenties - sat next to us and lit up their evil little tobacco cylinders. But that's the last time! Next week they will have to breathe out their stinking smoke at home or stand out under the stars making smoke rings.

I loathe smoking. Everything about it but mostly the foul stink of it. I hate the stench of stale smoke on my clothes and I hate the way it catches the back of your throat and stings your eyes. And I hate the commercial thrust of it - the advertising, the profit hungry targeting of vulnerable people. Everything about smoking stinks.

Lungs. Guess which pair belonged to a smoker!

This is how the BBC have heralded July 1st - "Smokers across England are having their final puff at work and the pub before the ban on lighting up in enclosed public places begins at 0600 on Sunday. The move follows bans across the UK, and is intended to cut deaths from secondhand smoke. Many venues are planning farewell events for the final Saturday night, while local authorities are preparing to enforce the ban. Anyone lighting up illegally will face a fine of up to £200."

Since this ban was announced in Parliament we have had to wait a long, long time but finally the day of reckoning has arrived and at last we, the non-smoking majority have got the upperhand. I have not one iota of sympathy for hardened smokers but I hope that this ban will inspire hundreds more of them to say goodbye and good riddance to the dreaded weed.


  1. I know that a lot of smokers feel as if the ban (in Washington State) is an infringment upon their freedoms. I can sympathize to a certain extent. One friend of mine says, "If you're going to a bar, you should expect cigarette smoke." However, it ends up being a dividing point: so many times I've had to choose between hanging out with my (smoking and non-smoking friends) and breathing in smoke, or not hanging out with them and not breathing in smoke. In the end, smoking is an option, and breathing is not.

  2. cough..... hack.... wheeze......

    where's my inhaler??

    I know at least one person who had their blog deleted by msn for publishing similar (probably a bit more graphic to be honest) pictures.... shame.


  3. Oh dear, you've never been a smoker have you?

  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think YP has been a smoker in his life. (I've lit up a couple dozen times, and yes indeed, I inhaled.) However, he's got a hard, hard head, that YP. ;)

  5. Snap YP - I tried to resist blogging on the ban, and just couldn't hold back, It has had far too big an impact on my life to ignore.

  6. ALKELDA - You have remembered correctly. I was a smoker for twelve long years - 20+ a day. They do say that the most zealous members of the anti-smoking brigade are former smokers and I admit I am a zealot but at least I smell clean.
    ARCTIC FOX. Banned for showing lungs? Smokers need to be shocked. It could help them to plan for kicking the filthy habit.
    MUTTERINGS - Alkelda was right. I was a smoker. Bloody-minded willpower and determination mean that I have not had a single cigarette since 1988. If you are a smoker Ms Mutterings I can help you to quit by hypnotising you....Look into my eyes... and you'll wake up thinking "I am sure I wasn't wearing jeans before the hypnosis!"
    MOPSA - Why be a closet anti-smoker? Come out into th open and let's lambast em together!

  7. I quit smoking almost 10 months ago - something I'm extremely proud of.

    My mom kept me up to date with the happenings about the smoking ban in Britain, and she couldn't wait. She suffers with Asthma, and cigarette smoke always makes her breathing difficult.

    Here in Canada, the anti smoking laws have been in place for a long time. Now they're being toughened up somewhat.

    The politicians are voting on whether to ban smoking on pub patios, and smoking on the beach has already been banned.

    I remember Simon Cowell saying that he believes that smoking shouldn't be banned because it's taking away people's right to a choice.

    What he fails to realize is that non smokers also have the right to choose NOT to have to suffer because of smokers.

  8. I quite agree, Yorkshire pudding - good to meet you! I'm an ex-smoker - gave up 11 years ago and while it was one of the most difficult things I've done, I don't regret it for a minute.

  9. ok, I give up on the lungs quiz. what am I a f***G cardiologist?

  10. So were you one of those who lurked behind the bike sheds in your youth, YP?

  11. i have never smoked but do feel for those who have .for those who have risked there lifes in wars young and old for THIS FREE COUNTRY who are now told they can not enjoy there habit ; jep

  12. I smoked but only recreationally.. I loved it. But was never "hooked". My husband, son and daughter smoke(ed).. although.. Kevin quit 9 years ago, cold turkey. My daughter quit this week. She couldn't smoke after oral surgery so she took the opportunity to stop. As far as I know my son still smokes. My dad smokes cigars. Most of the time it doesn't bother me. Only if I am in a car with him. But normally when I'm around people smoking ciggies.. I tend to cough. But then I cough all the time anyway.

  13. YP, I gave up 13 months and 3 days ago. I was on 20 a day, more when I went out. I will still occasionally have one with a drink but, like I don't want to drink Jack Daniels all the time, I no longer feel the need to smoke.

    However, I am bloody minded and cannot abide the nanny state telling me what to do!

  14. How are the people tobacco advertisers target "vulnerable"?

  15. Anonymous9:54 pm

    Ok why exactly amI gonna go visit England now?


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