20 June 2009


In this "illusion" we can all see the tiger but can you also see the hidden tiger? Look carefully.


  1. Deirdre9:04 pm

    In his stripes.....

  2. Weren't these all the rage in the early nineties? I seem to remember that there is a knack to it but I've forgotten what it is and I was never able to do it then either. So the answer is, no, I'm afraid I can't! ;)

  3. Go-Fast Stripes!

  4. Ah! For a moment I thought it was going to be akin to finding the camel on the American 1 dollar bill. The jokester asks, "Can you find the camel on the one dollar bill?" and the victim looks and looks, but doesn't find the camel. Then, the jokester says, "It's behind the pyramid."

  5. Found it! Was actually looking for a real tiger....


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