21 December 2009


Another Christmas! Merry Christmas to all who have visited this blog over the last twelve months - long time blog friends and new. Let's hope we are all safe, well and happy when Christmas comes along next year.

When you were little, did you ever visit Santa in a department store?

Here are just a few happy kiddies who paid him a visit. Afterwards, they would no doubt have eagerly awaited Santa's famed nocturnal visit. Creeping into their bedrooms with special presents in his sack while his panting reindeer tried desperately to grip the roof with their cervine hooves. Good old Father Christmas - making children's dreams come true!
There is no truth in the malicious rumour that only former Irish priests of the Catholic persuasion are entitled to apply for seasonal Santa posts. Santas shown below are Sean McGuire, Patrick O'Hoolihan, Dermot Riley, Michael Casey and Seamus O'Rafferty.


  1. Happy Christmas YP!

  2. Happy Christmas and a very happy 2010! YP...Many thanks for popping over to mine from time to time. Cheers to you and yours! Hadriana xx

  3. Deirdre10:02 am

    Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy Christmas Mr Yorkshire Pudding

  4. Santa visited my school when I was in 3rd grade, and I told him his beard was on crooked. After Santa left, the teacher (Miss Kalo, whom I shall abhor 'til my death - or hers, whichever comes first) read me the riot act and did all she could to embarrass me for stating the obvious. For this and other reasons, I really despised Miss Kalo. I hope she's reading this...

    But back to your post...Merry Christmas, YP!

  5. Have yourself a merry little Christmas YP. Make sure Hull stuff my near neighbours. ;)

  6. Mrs. RWP and I wish you and yours the merriest of Christmases.

  7. Have a very cool Yule YP, as well as a prosperous New Year


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