11 December 2009


From the Tiger Woods website - "Chunk and Run" golfing tip....

"As the name implies, I will intentionally hit the shot fat and allow it to run out. I play it kind of like a bunker shot in that I hit behind the ball an inch or two, depending on the severity of the lie and how far I want to carry the ball. I grip the club -- most often my 60-degree wedge -- a little tighter than usual to ensure the clubface stays open through impact (above). I position the ball slightly behind center in an open stance and set up with most of my weight on my left side, like I would on a basic chip shot.

As far as the swing goes, the key for me is to make a more vertical backswing than usual. I want to be sure my wedge clears the grass going back and sets up a firm strike on the ground. I let the thick grass abbreviate my follow-through. My goal is to roll it to a makeable distance, unless I'm lucky enough to hole it. "

Perhaps, like Tiger, I am also dirty-minded, but give Woods's previously veiled history of infidelity, lechery and indiscretion his golfing advice now seems to be riddled with sexual innuendo.

But I am not laughing. This gifted golfer is married to a beautiful, intelligent woman who has given him two lovely, healthy children. How could he stray and risk all for cheap physical gratification - using his status to ensnare emptyheaded nightclub girls? It is worse than stealing. None of us are perfect. We all do things which we regret but Woods has repeatedly allowed his lust and fame to undermine the bond of marriage which he should have been treasuring and fortifying with the passage of years. How sad that while Woods cavorted with loose women, his wife was changing "diapers" and kissing the cheeks of the babies they had made together.
Now - play the violins please - he is asking for forgiveness and understanding, time out in which to "heal" his family. He is postponing his amazing golfing career but I wonder will he now ever overhaul Jack Nicklaus's record of eighteen majors? Has he blown it? Finally, as my beloved Hull City are nicknamed "The Tigers" I wish to reassure readers that Hull City fans and players do not carry on like Eldrick Tont Woods who is hereby denied future use of the nickname "Tiger"! There are plenty of other more appropriate nicknames he might adopt such as "Casanova", "Perv" or "Lech". How the mighty are fallen.


  1. TP....Can I just say...I'M A GRANDAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Errmmm....that should say YP...

  3. Not sure if it's related to Steve's wonderful news... (Congratulations, Steve!) but I read somewhere that the reason why the mighty men often fall, is because their success raises the testosterone levels much higher than normal, and the, erm, urge, becomes even more than usual.


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