17 May 2010


Blossom, smile some sunshine down my way
Lately, I've been lonesome
Blossom, it's been much too long a day
Seems my dreams have frozen
Melt my cares away
James Taylor
Our garden yesterday afternoon....
Above - Apple blossom. Below - Horse Chestnut blossom


  1. Spring has finally sprung in Sheffield!

    I especially like the close-up of the apple blossoms.

  2. Hey! You do have sun and blue skies over there in that there Sheffield then! ;)

  3. Elizabeth4:45 am

    'Blossom, there’s any empty road
    Sit you down beside me
    Blossom, there’s a sweet dream
    on my mind
    There’s a song inside me
    Take these chains away...'

    What's this? Our YP in romantic mode? Pink fluffy blossom and a poetic ode; strumming your guitar as the scented petals fall on your shoulders.

    Beautiful photographs and a lovely, marshmallowy soft posting...xx

  4. Blossom really does lift the spirits doesn't it? Thank you for the comment you left at Linden Grove.

  5. RHYMES I feel like a new spring lamb!...Got any mint jelly?
    JENNY It's all a question of how you see things. For me the sky is always blue or is it the air? Can't remember..
    ELIZABETH Marshmallowy soft? I'm not bloody Julian Clary tha knows lass!
    SIMONE - Yes blossom does lift one's spirits though it never seems to last for long enough. Thanks for dropping by...

  6. Apple blossoms make me think of Yeats. Thank you for the photos. Are you strumming your guitar these days? I remember you writing about finding lovely new tones with your capo on the fifth fret.

  7. Elizabeth8:25 pm

    Actually, it was the image of Dylan from 'The Magic Roundabout' that came into my head...

    In your comment to Simone, do you mean that the blossom doesn't last long or your uplifted spirits...hope you're ok. x

  8. FARIDA My guitar. She hangs unpicked and unstrummed at the moment. But that is how it has always been - phases when I play it every day and times when she gathers dust. Soon I will embrace her once more.


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