16 September 2010


Coastal view just a hundred yards from our apartment

Shirley and I last visited The Algarve region of Portugal in 1983. We tootled all over in our little green Mini rental car - from Cabo de San Vicente in the far west to Vila Real de Santa Antonio in the east where we gazed across the Guadiana River into Spain. It was a wonderful holiday, before the children came along, when our bones never ached and grey hairs were impossible.

This time we were more sedentary - like sea-lions basking on a sunny beach or by the lovely swimming pool which our apartment overlooked. It was the very first holiday I have ever taken in the month of September. We were just outside the resort of Albufeira in the quite splendid Alfegar holiday village. It was a last minute booking. Some readers will remember why this was so. (More of that in another post)

One day we hired a car - a nippy Renault Clio - and headed for the hills - places we had missed in 1983 like the ancient former Moorish capital of the region - Silves and the mountain spa village of Monchique. We also ventured to the far western township of Aljezur and a spectacular beach at Arrifana, returning to Aljezur for a delicious traditional evening meal taken al fresco by a cobbled square. Then it was back along an empty motorway that had not even been dreamed of when we last visited to see a troupe of traditional Algarvian dancers in our holiday village.

Here's a small sample of the photographs I snapped:-

Silves - The twelfth century Moorish castle walls

Amazing sand sculptures in Albufeira

Old lady in a Monchique window

The fabulous beach at Arrifana

View from our apartment


  1. I have never visited Portugal but your photos are certainly an encouragement to do so, as if I needed one!

  2. How do you manage to find the most beautiful places in the world to visit? Or is it just that you are the world's most incredible amateur photographer?

  3. JENNY Another point in Portugal's favour is that it is entirely spider-free.
    RHYMES WITH... I am going to take that as a compliment which I accept graciously. Digital photography creates so many more possibilities for capturing worthwhile images. I try my best.

  4. The last time I was in Albufeira was in the mid-1970s, not long after the carnation revolution. I used to have some fine Portuguese Communist Party badges that I bought from a veteran who laid them out on a blanket for sale each Sunday. I suspect that things might have changed somewhat!

  5. Delightful. It looks just like a tiny series of windows into a magical holiday you both had.


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