3 April 2011


Koh Chang - Elephant Island. We are still here but heading back to Bangkok today. Idyllic. I just took a photo from the shower room of our beach hut. Two pairs of rubber flipflops, a "Forever Friends" beach towel on the rough wooden handrail. Beyond that a young palm tree, the white sand of the beach, sunlight piercing the taller palms and the Gulf of Thailand lapping gently at the water's edge. All I needed was a "Bounty" bar and I'd have felt I'd died and gone to heaven. Just typing this in the little internet room before breakfast. Shirley's taking an early morning dip. More when I return to Bangkok.Oh, and we rode on an elephant called An-na and I washed her in the river....


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  2. Delightful. I felt your joy as your words tumbled over each other. Lots of love to you both.

    The further you travel, I think the worse the 'lag. Don't expect to do any driving the day you arrive in NZ, will you?

  3. One looks at the photograph and guesses "South Pacific" or "the Caribbean"...Thailand does not spring to mind. I learned something today.

    I love travelling, even vicariously.

  4. Gorgeous! Er - - that's it! Enjoy! - - ohhhh - - you are.

  5. Some beautiful places are degraded by the presence of humans; I've seen mountain meadows that cry to be left alone, our footprints scar them. But tropical scenery seems like it was made for us to enjoy. Footprints on the beach, no problem, the tide will wash them away. Footprints on a jungle path (even elephant ones), no problem, the vegetation will shortly grow over it. And the soft breezes soothe the soul.

    I think you're brave to ride an elephant. It's like a Hummer with no steering and no brakes.

  6. pud
    that picture of you ( third pic) lighting your fart is a typical
    sheffield talent on the weekend!!

  7. Katherine,
    That's probably wise advice but I am not always wise!
    RHYMES WITH... I am glad I have sometimes performed the function of your own personal "National Geographic"!
    DAPHNE Were you tipsy on cooking sherry when you wrote your comment?
    JAN B Wise and true thoughts. Do Hummers buck you off or squirt water at you through their trunks and do their exhaust fumes smell like zeppelin farts?
    MR JOHN GRAY No. Not me Johnboy. My farts glow greeny blue when ignited. I bet yours are pink!


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