18 July 2011


Keith Rupert Murdoch was born in 1931. With huge personal wealth, he is judged to be the 117th richest individual in the world. Across the globe, he has exerted enormous influence upon our political landscape, being feared and revered by a succession of ephemeral leaders. Murdoch's fingers have been in many pies - from local newspapers to film and television. Early on, he sniffed the potential of satellite broadcasting and over in America formed Fox Broadcasting. He was never elected to office and yet through his arrogance, his empire building and his ultimate control of the mouthpieces of democracy he has wielded a power that has been almost divine in its magnitude.

But now this eighty year old Australian-American magnate with intellectual powers waning is like a rabbit caught in the headlights. Closing Britain's famous "News of the World" will not be enough. The ruthlessness and egotism that coloured Murdoch's rise to power filtered down to his employees. Phone hacking and interception of electronic mail were commonplace - anything to get a good story and damn the ethics or the effects.

This afternoon he will be spotlighted by a parliamentary committee - at last being brought to book. No doubt he will squirm and use his vast personal wealth to deflect blame but he was the farmer who sowed the seeds of News International and nurtured the crop. No matter what he says, he knew exactly what was going on.

Round the world, politicians of different hues need to ask themselves how it was that they allowed the Murdoch Monster to grow unchecked, how they danced to his tunes, how they accepted his gifts and opened their doors to him. That is not democracy.

We don't know all the ins and outs of Murdoch's dealings - perhaps we never will - but at last this pompous puppeteer is having to face a different kind of music. Whether or not his inquisitors have the guts and the capability to force him against the ropes remains to be seen. No doubt Murdoch will want to drag others down as he falls. The soap opera will run and run.


  1. Why don't you tell us how you really feel?

  2. I'm listening to the hearing as I write and Murdoch Jnr seems to be answering most of the questions, although he appears to know very little about what actually goes on in News Int.

    I have a smidgin of respect for Rupert because he almost cetrainly saved The Times and he has been spectacularly ill-advised on the PR front.

    But if any good comes of this it will be that our politicians think twice before supping with the devil.

  3. Don't think I've ever come across a more contemptible person in my lifetime- I include Mugabi, Milosovic or Saddam in that- bettered in the hatred stakes now by his son who is clearly waiting to take the full reins and probably wishes death on his father sooner rather than later.

    Watching a friend's sky news coverage ( I would never and have never subscribed) it's clear that the quicker this lucky find brings the whole organisation down the sooner the better.

    Football will only benefit from his and BSkyB's demise also.

  4. love your PEOPLE photos YP

  5. Faux News is one reason why I refuse to have a TV in my house. It's not Murdoch's fault this country (U.S.) is full of people who are stupid enough to buy into the hatefulness it promotes, but what a shabby way to pay the world back for your good fortune.


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