9 May 2012


I heard that it was a nice day over in northern England yesterday. If I had been there I might have driven down to the Linacre Reservoirs just west of Chesterfield. I used to love that little parcel of countryside sandwiched between A roads on the eastern edge of the Peak District. It's almost a forgotten land where hikers and other outside visitors rarely venture though it's treasured by local residents. And if I had been there, I imagine that I might have taken photographs like these:-
Bluebell time in Linacre Wood
Cobnar Wood from Furnace Lane, Barlow
Birley Farm under a grey cloud
Bagthorpe farmhouse
Wigley Primary School
Linacre - the lower reservoir
Old Brampton - the church lych gate
Oh to be in England in the merry month of May. I shall see if I can teach some of the redundant Burmese workers to join me in a spot of morris dancing down on the beach before I go up to Aotearoa Villa to see how Katherine's getting on.


  1. In May I think it truly best
    to be a robin lightly dressed
    concocting soup inside my nest
    Mix it once, mix it twice,
    mix that Chicken soup with rice.
    ~Maurice Sendak~

  2. Well, you did miss some lovely weather, YP!

  3. Wish I was there - in England I mean!

  4. What a wonderful imagination you have Puds. And fabulous imaginary images.
    Coincidentally, I've been imagining that I am back in New Zealand. The scarlet oak will be clothed in all its glorious autumn finery by now. I'm glad someone else is going to be doing all the leaf-raking on the new drive this year.

  5. I'm surprised you haven't got your maypole out to entertain the natives. I'm told that it's something that always make the ladies smile.

  6. ARCTIC FOX Was Sendak on drugs when he wrote that ditty?
    JENNY You know I rather like the sultry tropical heat - it seems to melt right into your bones.
    KATHERINE I am sure your three devoted offspring will be keeping the New Zealand property all spick and span - even though you may never go back there.
    SHOOTING PARROTS Good idea sir. Verily the maypole shall be erected in the morning.

  7. I have come from Going Gently attracted by the Yorkshire part of your blog name. Bagthorpe Farm is a lovely photo. Our bluebell wood are just like the on e you just posted. Do come over and see me some time.


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