22 September 2013


Grrrrr! is the sound that tigers make before they pounce and yesterday - in front of 51,000 supporters at St James's Park in Newcastle - my beloved Hull City A.F.C. - The Tigers - secured an unlikely victory with goals from Robbie Brady, Ahmed Elmohamady and Sone Aluko. Above, in a balletic pose, David Meyler congratulates Aluko whose superb first time volley sealed our famous victory.

Now I am aware that many bloggers out there in the blogosphere are not big followers of football so let me fill you in. My team was formed in 1905 and it took over a hundred years before we finally arrived in the top flight of English football. In 2010 we were relegated but this year - under the wise management of Steve Bruce and our wealthy new owners - the Allam family - we are back in The Premiership. The start has been encouraging but our target must still simply be to stay in this division.

Financially we are like David competing with Goliath teams such as Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and even yesterday's opponents - Newcastle United. These teams all have single players who cost more to buy than our entire squad. So to go up to Newcastle and win by three goals to two is something of a minor miracle and testament to our team's self-belief and togetherness.

Dear friend, if you don't have a favourite English football team, may I invite you to become an honorary Hull City supporter? Who knows, if you get hooked, you may even decide to  purchase merchandise from Tiger Leisure such as the Roary the Tiger keyring. How have you lived thus far without one?


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    1. Carol. I am not surprised you deleted your comment after all that breathless lusting after David Beckham. He does not play and has never played for Hull City. If I was going to support any Australian team it would of course be The Balmain Tigers or if pushed in Cairns - Yorkey's Knob Junior Soccer Club! (It's real!)

    2. LOL ~ congratulations on Hull City's win YP.

      Trust you to never miss a trick (quip). I believe you about Yorkey's Knob ~ you been honing those Google Maps skills ~ in fact they have a King & Queen of Yorkey's Knob each year ~ and you would make a fine candidate I believe.

      Now the other part of my deleted message was to invite you to choose an Aussie Rules team to follow ~ possibly for this weekend's grand final? You can choose from a Victorian team (Hawthorne in a yellow and brown stripe strip) or a Western Australian team (Fremantle Dockers).

    3. The Victorian team sound a bit posh to me so I will go for the rough tough Fremantle Dockers! Grrrrr!

  2. Meyer and Aluko look like they are trying to make "the beast with two backs"...I admit I may be misinterpreting their pose.

    Are Hull City a band of bullies who run roughshod over their opponents, or a friendly group of regular guys who simply like to play the game? Your answer will go a long way in my determining whether to become "an honorary Hull City supporter" (but it does sound so much better than what I am now, merely "an athletic supporter).

  3. Oooo Mr Brague! You have a filthy mind sir! Beast with two backs indeed! David Meyler doesn't look anything like Desdemona! You will be pleased to learn that Hull City are a very sporting and well-mannered team. Whenever they tackle opponents they say "sorry" afterwards and never disagree with the referee's decisions even when they are obviously wrong. I sincerely hope you will take the plunge and join us then you can ask Mrs Brague for a Hull City shirt for Christmas with "Bob" printed on the back and a number of your choice. You won't regret it.


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