11 July 2006


What exactly did Marco Materazzi say
to Zinedine Zidane to enrage him so?
Please leave answers in the "Comments" section below. The winner will receive a year's supply of frozen "Aunty Bessy's" Yorkshire puddings and a copy of Zinedine Zidane's latest self-help manual.


And the winner is..... Laura for her suggestive, "I've tried your sister but your mother was better!" Prizes below. I will be happy to deliver them personally. All I need is your home address Laura! The Zidane book is unfortunately in French - "Le Roman d'une Victoire" which roughly translated means , "Head-Butting for Beginners". On the cover Zidane is doing an impression of his ample Algerian mother.




  1. I saw your red silk thong through your shorts, dude. Wanna meet me later, after the game?

  2. I don't know what makes you such an arse but it's very effective?

  3. In the states, when such a display happens between men, it is usually prefaced by the phrase, "Yo Momma!" I would love to hear how that is said with a foreign accent.

    Totally unrelated: What, exactly, does the word "Shire" mean? I can only assume it may roughly relate to the American prefix "town" or "ton" - as in Jamestown or Livingston. I see it in so many towns and areas of England that it's had me curious.

  4. My suggestions for what Materazzi said:-
    1. "Come on Zinedine, show us your famous impression of a bull!"
    2. "Your mother looks like Margaret Thatcher and your sister looks like Hillary Clinton!"
    3. "Italian wine is better than French!"
    4. "I saw your weiner in the shower and it's of maggot proportions!"
    5. "I'll be a brick wall, you be a madly careering truck!"

    + FRIDAY - A shire is an ancient administrative area like DerbySHIRE, NottinghamSHIRE and last but not least - YorkSHIRE. Which county are you in in North Carolina? Let's say it's Franklin County. Well here it might be called historically, Franklinshire. It's easy really. Then there's the magnificent shire horses. Try a Google Image Search on these beautiful beasts.

  5. Anonymous4:02 am

    Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries.

  6. Thank you so much for the explanation! I am no longer in the dark. Well, at least not until I close up shop for the night and extinguish all the lamps.

  7. I think that shire comes from the Anglo-Saxon 'sor' which made someone boss of an area. You have to feel for the poor sod who got Yorkshire. All those curmudgeons and Last of the Summer Wine.

    But I digress.

    You heard it here first. What really got under ZZ's skin was, "Get the winner tonight and the Shane Warne hair replacement ad is all yours."

  8. It has been said that both the mother and sister were involved. In this - admittedly warped- household the bets are that he said: "I've tried your sister but your mother was better."

  9. Thank you for bestowing this honour on me. This is very special and I will never forget this moment.

    My thanks go out to my mother without whom I wouldn't be here today, my father for giving me the inspiration and profoundness, my agent for pointing it out. Last but not least, thanks go to my husband who is the dirty bugger of them all and reminded me off his lifelong fantasy.


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