7 July 2006


As suggested by Alkelda, here's a reworking of the traditional song "Cape Cod Girls" covered by Dan Zanes. Actually this song has many forms and the chorus normally refers to South Australia. All join in now! One...two...three...
Farewell to Spurn Point

Yorkshiremen ain't got no fears
heave away, haul away
They comb their hair behind their ears

They’re men who will amaze ya!

So run away you Lanc’shire boys,
Run away, far away
Run away don’t make a noise
We’re the men who will amaze ya!

Yorkshiremen ain’t got no stress
heave away , haul away
What’s less is more what’s more is less

Our lads they will amaze ya!

Yorkshire folk don’t need no pills,
heave away, haul away
They eat pigs’ ears and codfish gills
Our diet would amaze ya!

Yorkshire gals ain't got no care,
heave away, haul away
They run around almost bare
Their knickers would amaze ya!

*The photo shows Spurn Point/Spurn Head at the entrance to the Humber Estuary which is the mouth through which most of the water in Yorkshire's river system eventually flows.


  1. Yay! I'm going to link to you. (Will you make me pay royalties?!) One thing: "Nova Scotia" and "Cape Cod Girls" are two different songs, but the Dan Zanes website got a bit confused on that one. I really should write to the webmaster to note this fact, except that I'm really, really busy making up lyrics to more Queen tunes.


  2. So THAT was what Retarded Rugrat must have been like when she lived in South Yorkshire.

    It's such a 180.


  3. Haaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha.

    That's HILARIOUS!

    Thanks for making me smile through my pain.

  4. SO CUTE! SO cute...

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