30 July 2006


Tomorrow morning, Shirley and I are away on holiday to Turkey for ten days or so. I might not be adding any posts for a while unless I can find an Internet cafe. One of my all-time favourite films is "Midnight Express" - largely set in Turkey. If that film is anything to go by, this could be my last blogpost ever!
Why is "Turkey" the name of a country and also a big fat North American bird often eaten at Christmas? The story goes back to the seventeenth or early eighteenth century when turkeys first appeared in England via France. Rumour had it that these rather impressive creatures originated not in the wilds of New England but in the land of the Turks - so they got the handle "turkey". On the theme of Christmas, we will be staying just five miles from the little Turkish village where it is reputed that St Nicholas (Santa Claus) was born. See you!


  1. Have a great time Mr Pudding.

    Missing you already :-)

  2. Enjoy your holiday. :)

  3. Have a fantastic time Mr Pudding!

    Looking forward to hearing all the dodgy stories when you get back! :)

  4. I hope you get to go to Hissarlik.

    Oh and by the way I think you have a STALKER. Wonder if he knows there are laws against stalking?

  5. Come back. Come baaaack. Soon, at least. Like By George, I took hope you get to Hissarlik. Watch out for any curious horse-shaped items, though. They're trouble.

  6. You're invited to my birthday bash on August 14th.

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