1 July 2006



World Cup Quarter Final

Arrrrrgh! It's happened again! England lose on penalties! The Portugese team looked pretty ordinary all afternoon and even though we were a man down, England created the better goalmouth chances by far. Owen Hargreaves was again a revelation - full of energy and commitment. Our back four were also brilliant. But Lampard and even Gerrard were disappointing today. England's army of fans deserve more than this - more than our uninspirational Swedish manager could provide - in spite of his barrowloads of money. In the end, I would have to say that he has been a dismal failure and I am glad to see the back of him. It's so frustrating. We have so much talent and yet in this World Cup it was never properly harnessed. Like most of the English nation I am well and truly gutted (see above with apologies to the squeamish!) and I'm just going up the garden to string myself up from the apple tree! Farewell cruel world!


  1. England lost on penalties? Really? It's just that my TV broke down and I didn't get to see it - decided to do some gardening instead. But, really? They lost on penalties? But I'm sure they created lots of chances and went out of the tournament with a real bang - didn't they?

  2. It's no use rubbing the pain in Mr McReidski because I am already deceased! They will find my carcass in the morning hanging from the tree. I just hope birds haven't shat on me as well.... Boo hoo! Boo hoo!

  3. I always knew you had guts, Mr Pudding! At least you don't wear your heart on your sleeve. Now, that would be messy.

    I sprinkle Water of Life upon your carcass. Rise, Sir Pudding, and take your place upon yon padio.

  4. I dread to think what that photo is of! :/

  5. That Swede showed as much emotion as the root vegetable of the same name. Unfortunately, I was proved correct when I said at the time that his appointment was a baaaaad move.
    Good riddance and I hope that none of his tactical nuance has rubbed off onto Steve McLarens shoulders.

  6. Sven was a disgrace. Did you hear Motty mention about him 'He's taken hs jacket off.That's encouraging!' Ever the optimist our Motty.

  7. can I have some apples then - you won't be needing them..


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