20 July 2007


It appears that the "Mature Blogger" awards have created some tantrums and foot-stomping from many bloggers who were not recommended for this year's prizes. Unsuccessful candidates must recognise that the "Mature Blogger" team set very high standards, scouring the world wide web and closely monitoring thousands of blogs from around our planet. However, our Welsh team of judges have sadly blundered this time round by failing to forward their nomination by the due date. For this we most heartily apologise.

The affected blogger may now have the satisfaction of knowing that the Welsh judging team have been sentenced to a weekend drinking spree in downtown Cardiff - bound to end up with fighting, an unwanted pregnancy, a night in the cells or a real Cardiff greeting - the broken glass attack that leaves you permanently scarred. Land of my bally fathers! Of course the affected blogger is the annually "Demob Happy Teacher" - Jennyta , known to her friends and ankle biting pupils as "Taffy". This blog can be intermittent as mature Jennyta lives a demanding life - balancing the stresses of home, school work and sheep rearing. Once again Jennyta please accept a big "sorry" from "Mature Blogger". A bouquet of lilies is even now winging itself to your door!

Jennyta - wantonly setting the style in her Welsh sheep farm playground.


  1. Wow! You've really done me proud, YP. You are forgiven, even though you do seem to have a slightly skewed idea of how I pass my time. ;)

  2. Jenny, if I see FFion around the town I'll see if she can use her influence...


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