22 July 2007


Isn't television sports coverage wonderful these days? Although football (soccer to Americans) will always be my first love, there are numerous other sports that I can watch in goggle-eyed awe. Rugby - the only sport I ever really excelled in at school - cricket, tennis, darts, snooker, indoor bowls, basketball, athletics. One of the few sports that bores me rigid is horse racing - in fact any sports that involve horses leave me feeling grossly underwhelmed.

Last evening, I watched the conclusion of the British Open Golf Championship live from Carnoustie in the county of Angus on Scotland's east coast. Sergio Garcia of Spain snatched defeat from the jaws of victory while Ireland's Padraig Harrington held his nerve to clinch his first major and a cheque for £750,00. It was tense and fascinating stuff. Golf is about form and bounce and lady luck. The changing weather meant that participants were suitably challenged. It was a great tournament.

Padraig Harrington - the first Irish winner of The Open since 1947.

You know sport doesn't matter. It is unimportant - a mere adjunct to life - but perhaps it reminds us that living life to the full must involve some frivolity and activities that take the spotlight away from the daily grind of work and sleep and getting food on the table. At times it is like a new religion - with hushed audiences, team colours, chants and pure unadulterated hero worship. Perhaps they'll make Padraig Harrington the next Pope!


  1. This isn't concerning sport unless canoe-ing is your sport..

    How is the rain situation round your part of GB?

  2. heck, are you using that one for 'thought for the day' YP?

  3. I think sport is as important as opera.

  4. l do like a bit of competition, gets the old adrenaline pumping. too busy reading harry potter to watch any tv yesterday.

  5. BY GEORGE - We live on a hill in Sheffield so we are bone dry. The floods that hit Yorkshire are now in the Midlands and the South so the TV camera crews are there right away along with the prime minister. Pity it took a few days for the Yorkshire floods to register with these people.
    ARTHUR - I thought you had passed on to the next life but you are back as grumpy as ever. Sorry my "thought" wasn't stimulating enough for you! Try "Older Women" websites.
    ALKELDA - So you mean sport is unimportant? An obtuse remark.
    MUDDYBUTT - Hey! Harry Potter is for kids! We grown ups read grown up stuff like "Farmers Weekly" and "Flood Express".

  6. Most sports, other than those involving horses, leave me distinctly underwhelmened...

    Who was it who said: "Golf is a good walk spoiled"?

  7. YP: I love opera. Now who's being obtuse?

  8. And I will be out on the course on Thursday attempting to emulate Padraig Harrington .
    I'll be as much use as a chocolate fireguard.

  9. Sorry mate, I see golf as a good walk spoiled. However,each to their own, at least they seem to have moved away from the plaid trousers & pink pringle jumpers.
    You comment on elephant birds ?? Did you mean Moa ? The reason NZ is so good at rugby is because there is no other sport of any significance been played here other than yachting ! No proper pudding tins here either, had to import mine.


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