24 February 2009


There are numerous recipes on the internet for Yorkshire Pudding, but what about a recipe for a Yorkshireman aiming to have a great night out? Well first of all he will need some loose change. On his head he will need his trusty flat cap. On his feet he will need his faithful hob-nailed boots.

By his side he will need his pet whippet.And on his face he will need a suitably dour expression, a bit like Richard Nixon before his chickens came home to roost.
But when he returns from his night out he will be, as the title of the book says:-


  1. I always have a suitably dour expression when I don't have my pet whippet by my side.

  2. The only flying Yorkshireman I saw was diving into a lake in Ohio in 1977.

  3. Doh, there was me thinking that a Yorkshireman either forgot to take his purse or sewed his pockets up barring that always went to the Gents when it was his round........

  4. RHYMES Do they have whippets in America? Or is this just a pet name you have coined for Mrs Rhymes?
    BIRT That was me! It was like a Charles Atlas ad with you, Mr Wimp, on the shore and me, Mr Atlas, flexing my masculine torso for the bathing beauties.
    MUDDY BOOTS Well our tightness is legendary. The loose change is just so as we can have something to play with in our pockets other than our (CENSORED BY BLOGGER!)

  5. A Yorkshireman is very similar to a Scotsman only not so rash with his money.


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