30 March 2009


As longtime visitors to this blog will appreciate, instead of hoarding all his unused income in stocks and shares or wise pension investments, Mr Pudding instead likes to squander all his ill-gotten loot on travel. With Mrs Pudding hitting fifty last week and with your humble writer planning to jettison himself from the tired classroom this summer, where to this Easter? Cleethorpes? Clacton on Sea? Perhaps the Costa Brava? See the picture clue below and guess if you will...


  1. It looks like Hollingworth Lake just outside Rochdale to me. If that's where you're taking Mrs Pudding for her fiftieth, you are truly a Yorkshireman and I doff my cap to you across the Pennines.

  2. I reckon it's Waterloo Lake in Roundhay Park in Leeds. That's probably where I went for my fiftieth, too. Make sure you buy her an ice-cream from the van.

  3. Humm. Mountains and water - that narrows the options - to a mere several thousand places. Where ever you are headed I hope it is totally spectacular - we women who have just turned 50 demand nothing less!

  4. Definitely not beautiful Snowdon, right on our doorstep. How about changing your plans and going for a warm Welsh welcome?

  5. It looks like Silvermine Bay on Lantau Island in Hong Kong. I used to live there before they built the new airport, when it was a pleasant rural retreat from the hustle of Kowloon.

  6. CROFTY No you buffoon! It is not ruddy Hollingworth Lake! Bad, bad guess!
    DAPHNE Another really bad guess! Waterloo Lake, Roundhay Park? Grrrr! Wouldn't go there if you paid me!
    JJ Women who have just turned fifty... As with certain wines, 1959 was an excellent vintage for women! Full bodied and flavoursome.
    JENNYTA Warm Welsh welcome? What's one of those? Years ago on the Lleyn Peninsula when Shirley and I walked in a pub, the jolly locals suddenly switched to Welsh and I am sure to this day they were planning our "mysterious" demise.
    MICHAEL Amazing! You got it! I thought I would keep the game going with further clues but no need - you sir are bloody brilliant! Hurrah for Michael!

  7. What? You and the missus will travel from Jolly Old England to Hong Kong this Easter?

    The teaching business must be more lucrative than I thought.


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