1 April 2009


Amazingly, Michael based in Australia guessed that Shirley and I are bound for Hong Kong and to begin with we will be staying on Lantau Island at the Silvermine Beach Hotel. Possibly tongue-in-cheek, one respondent expressed surprise that a teacher should be able to fund a trip to Hong Kong. Hells bells, I have a first class honours degree. I have taught in secondary schools for thirty two years without a single day off for illness and I have been a head of department for seventeen years. Shirley is a senior practice nurse specialising in the treatment of diabetes. We have successfuly raised a family. Why shouldn't we be able to fund a trip to Hong Kong? We don't smoke. We don't have expensive hobbies. We live in a basic semi-detached house.... so Hong Kong here we come where no doubt we will go to see The Big Buddha...
Or perhaps we will try some fresh crap... Mmmmmm...


  1. Take some elbow pads to ensure you can push your way through & to the front of everything !

  2. Let us know what the fresh crap tastes like, YP!

  3. I come to your blog when I want fresh crap. I hope you know I am just kidding!

  4. If you have to eat shit it might as well be fresh...

  5. go for it, hell you only live once, but keep off the crap!

  6. Anonymous6:19 pm

    You go for it! sounds like a great trip......will you pat the belly of the big buddha for me??

  7. Deirdre6:19 pm

    not anonymous..just clumsy...

  8. DAVID Sounds like you have been to HK. I think one of my best farts should create a natural gangway.
    JENNYTA I will bring you some fresh crap back even though I realise it's freely available in suburban Wrexham.
    RHYMES I know you were being tongue in cheek. Isn't Georgia's seacoast well known for its fresh crap?
    DUMDAD I disagree. Mature and well-seasoned crap is probably better.
    MRS MUDDY MOO You speak of crap as if it were some kind of drug. I think you should add "Fresh Crap" to your list of ice cream flavours. It would go down well with visitors from the city of Leeds or Hull's Hessle and Hedon Roaaards.
    DAPHNE Sorry. I refuse to pat the belly of the Big Buddha. It would be disrespectful.

  9. That's "crappie," mister, and don't you forget it. "Crappie" is not the same thing as "crappy," by the way.

  10. Deirdre7:11 am

    only joking about the belly rub..sorry...and I knew nothing of the big buddha until just looking on wiki...how fantastic it looks...
    and isnt t'internet wonderful?

  11. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.



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