21 April 2009


It used to be that friends or relatives would trap you with photo albums or slideshows of their holidays. You just wanted to yell, "Let me out of here!". Another picture of Aunt Betty on the promenade, another silhouette of a yacht on the horizon. You might suppose that eternal damnation could be like that - endlessly perusing somebody else's holiday snaps. "And here we are outside the bingo parlour...that's Tom and Elsie from Huddersfield...their daughter lives in Australia...And here we are leaving the bingo parlour...". AAAARGH!

So with slight apology, from my memory card, here are just five more selected images from our trip to Hong Kong...

Dried seafood shop on Des Voeux Road West...there were dozens of them.
Cardboard lady in Stanley with twisted roots...
Shirley up the Bank of China Tower in Central...
Stilt-house man in Tai O...
Giant fish in Sai Kung restaurant fishtank...


  1. Fabulous photos YP! Keep 'em coming and don't apologise.

  2. Yes , as Katherine says please keep them coming. And erh - any tips on Must Do's should any blogger 'just happen' to find herself in Hong Kong for the last two days of a trip to China would be read with extra special interest.....

  3. Not at all! Your photos are just exotic enough to be most intriguing, and not so exotic that one turns away in disgust or horror.

    Just the thing for a boring afternoon in front of the computer.

  4. They're great - post more!

  5. These are fantastic photos YP.

    Please Sir, can we have some more?

  6. Well, I'm blushing courtesy of your compliments - especially from Michael who - as others may not realise - is quite an expert in the field of photography. And thanks Michael for your travel tips about Hong Kong...
    JJ - If you find yourself in Hong Kong for two days...there's so much you can do... but try the Museum of History in Kowloon if you are curious enough to discover Hong Kong's "story". Also the Peak Tram is usually a "must" for passing tourists...If you want dim sum you must have it at lunchtime as it is rarely available in evening restaurants...

  7. Thanks YP - your suggetsions have been fully noted. I can't wait!

  8. Lovely!!
    Especially the fortress in Macau (very floral) and the fish in the tank/reflection. Clever and just a little bit spooky...
    (I'm reading your posts over a couple of days.)
    Ms Soup


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