23 April 2009


I think I should change the title of this blog from "Yorkshire Pudding" to "Hong Kong Tourist Information". I swear that there will soon come a day when I will blog about something else. In the meantime, by popular request, here are several more photos from our Hong Kong album. Actually, although the weather was always dry when we were there, the skies were usually overcast - not the best lighting for brilliant photography. Well, that's my excuse...
Exotic lobster in a Sai Kung fishing boat....
Old man enjoying Chinese theatrical performance...

The fortress in Macau...

In a Buddhist temple on Lantau....

View from the Ramada Hotel....

The only lizard we saw...

Vegetable market near Temple Street....

Are you still awake?


  1. Awake! Are you joking!? Brilliant pics. And I've always (well, often) found that the best pics are shot on overcast days... bright sunshine bleaches colours and makes exposure tricky.
    One can alway play with contrast later.

    Keep 'em coming dear YP.

  2. Now that's what I call a lobster. To be improved only with a little garlic butter, lemon and black pepper.

  3. That view from the Ramada Hotel is the real Hong Kong.

    I think all the lizards are hiding from the lobsters.

  4. How did you find the heat YP?

  5. It all looks very different from round here. Almost like the other side of the world. Oh - - yes - - ah, hang on - -

  6. KATHERINE Actually I have done a little "doctoring" of one or two photos, courtesy of the easy to use editing facility within flikr.
    MALC There's more to life than food...I think.
    RHYMES WITH A good idea for a children's story sir... a world without people in which the lobsters attempt to take over the planet and wrestle control from the evil lizards of death...
    BANGCOCKERS It was easy to find the heat mate. You just stepped out of the hotel's front door and there it was.
    DAPHNE You should have paid more attention in Geography lessons! Too busy daydreaming about the grammar school boys I guess!

  7. 'Still awake'?

    Of course I am! I'm really enjoying your photos.


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