16 April 2009


Sorry I haven't posted for so long. We got back from Hong Kong this evening and although it's nearly 11pm Thursday here, my body's saying it's 6am Friday after some sixteen hours in the air courtesy of Emirates. I just downloaded photos of our trip and have picked out two representative snaps...I'll post more words when the jetlag feeling dissipates...Above... There are some 7.5 million Hong Kongers and yes sure, there are millionaires and wealthy entrepreneurs making deals and fretting about the Hang Seng Index but the vast majority live meagre lives in anonymous highrise flats like this one pictured from our room in the Ramada Hotel.

Below... Shirley pictured on a Lantau Island beach through a bamboo grove. A significant proportion of Hong Kong is rural and surprisingly unspoilt. There are some 250 islands - many of them uninhabited. Much of the vegetaion is lush and typically sub-tropical.


  1. I never think of Hong Kong as having beaches and space, I must confess. Looking forward to hearing more and seeing more photos. In the meantime, sleep well. ;)

  2. Are you sure that second photo was taken in HONG KONG??? Looks more like "Up a lazy river, near the old mill run; up a lazy river, in the noonday sun..."

    I'm showing my age. Hoagy Carmichael, I believe, or maybe Johnny Mercer.

  3. Deirdre7:34 pm

    welcome back...rest up and then regale us with stories/pics

  4. Looking forward to the saga.
    Fretkiller does a lovely version, Robert. Youtube him.

  5. More photos please! I've never been to Hong Kong. I know this will be no surprise to you. Mind you, I have been to Roundhay Park in Leeds this weekend. Twice.

  6. Bula Gagaj of Rotuma, Thought you might help me track an old VSO friend of mine who goes by the name of Austin.He was teaching in Fiji at QVS (Queenn Victoria School)in 1981 to 1983.


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