14 December 2009


Tupperware, Kleeneezee, Amway, Avon. What have these organisations got in common? Yes. You at the back... That's right. They are companies that have promoted and sold products in a different way from more typical organisations that present their products in stores or supermarkets.

A couple of weeks ago, I saw an intriguing classified ad in a magazine called "Teacher". The ad gave no clue as to what the product or service behind it might be. Anyway, I rang up and this morning drove to the Totley area of Sheffield to meet semi-retired couple Gillian and Mike who are well-ensconced in a company called "Herbalife". They gave me a "Herbalife" energy drink and a nutritional snack bar. Their home was spotlessly clean and I could see their cat waiting outside their spacious conservatory to be let in.

Until this meeting, all that I knew about "Herbalife" is that they sponsor David Beckham's current club - L.A. Galaxy. It seems that like the other companies I mentioned, "Herbalife" doesn't work through shops. It has the sort of construction we associate with pyramid selling whereby if I decided to join up and somehow sell a few products, a chunk of my commission would go to Gillian and Mike.
I have never been one for vitamin products, energy drinks or diet formulas and my life philosophy is more about enjoying my time on this planet, eating and drinking what I want rather than becoming religiously health-conscious. So I am already thinking that "Herbalife" hardly fits with who I am. However, I am not yet going to dismiss the "opportunity" completely. Before doing so I thought I would ask visitors to this blog what they know about "Herbalife". Has the company touched you in any way or have you heard particular stories about it?


  1. I do have experience of Herbalife YP and seriously would urge you to have nothing to do with them. Soeone I know very well lost a small fortune due to this company. E-mail me if you want to know more.

  2. Anonymous7:06 pm

    Herbalife works - if you work!

    None of your earnings go to your sponsor but, if your sponsor does a good job and you build a good business Herbalife will pay them a "royalty". If your sponsor fails to do the basic job of selling a certain amount of products then they get NO royalty! So to earn money you work hard, you sponsor hard and enjoy the benefits.

  3. Not seen them in NZ mate, but if I did I would not be going near them.
    Pyramid selling only works for the man at the top of the pyramid.

  4. No, there's something in the back of my mind flashing a "Deeply Dodgy" warning light about this company. I suspect it's like Amway - a few people do well but most don't.

  5. I have heard no stories about Herbalife, and this post is my introduction to it. I don't like any pyramid schemes, though.

    Totally unrelated to this post: tonight, the House of Glee decided that despite our lack of fluid finances, we were going to save up to go to England in 2 years for my 40th birthday. We'll actually go after my 40th birthday, as it's in late March, but still! The year 2012 is the year of England. We'll land in London and work our way north. If you're interested in meeting up for a picnic, let me know.

  6. I wouldn't touch this with a bargepole- herbal or otherwise- also.

    Was taken with something similar in a previous life but turned out to be a waste of time. As I'm sure this will be.

  7. I would echo what everyone else said - do not get involved in any of these multi-level marketing (MLM aka pyramid) schemes. My wife got involved with one when we first arrived in Australia. They promise big earnings for low overheads, and of course it just doesn't work out like that in real life, no matter how hard you work. It's all about recruiting more people and selling them training materials and courses. They're a bit like cults - brainwashing you into having 'positive' attitudes and not listening to 'dream stealers' (ie people with common sense).
    Like cults, they're also actually reluctant to let you go. Five years on, we still get the occasional call or visit from someone (invariably having moved on to a new product/scheme) wanting to leave us some new product to try or inviting the wife out to a 'social' event. No obligation, of course.

  8. Ah, yes, Herbalife...much like Amway, the greatest pyramid game/scheme in the world. I fell victim to this in my 20's, when I had little money and a lot of craving for more.

    You are an intelligent man, YP, think this through, and you will make the right decision, which I trust will be HELL NO.

    JJ Thanks for the warning lights - especially the email.
    ANONYMOUS Do you work for Herbalife - trawling the net for any references to the company?
    DAVE Now if I owned the Pyramid at Giza I would gladly sell it to an American leisure complex. After all we disposed of London Bridge that way.
    DAPHNE Thanks. Weren't Deeply Dodgy a Leeds-based punk band?
    SAINT SPINNER I am surprised that a full blood American hasn't any knowledge of Herbalife which is based in California though its tentacles reach much further.
    BOOTHIE But I haven't got a barge pole as I do not live near a canal!
    MICHAEL Thanks for dropping by again and leaving your cautionary words.
    SAM You're right - "Hell no!" will be my verdict on Herbalife if they don't kidnap me for brainwashing.

  10. Anonymous11:13 pm

    anyone that talks negative about this company its because they dont know nothing about it. Do your research people and then talk!!!!!

  11. Anonymous12:19 pm

    @JJ... Please if you are a get rich quick guy, go ahead in keep dirtying the mind of these poor people. Anyway what is your experience w herbalife? did you try any of the products? what went wrong w the business? tell us instead of attempting to sell some crap to people through "email me if you want to know more" GUYS!! please, Please Internet is great today but not that great for you if You swallow judgments like this. the company is 30 years old and if you do research you will find out another growth of 3.8B the past year. All am saying is If you join a business and work it like a hobby, it will respond just like a hobby! don't focus on how much you will make in a month but the HOW they are teaching you. the PRODUCTS ROCKS!!! no bias Some of you will regret the day u follow words of JJ instead of seeing for yourself soon. That's right bcse they 21st century Lifesaver because these two word HEALTH And WEALTH...See you guys later

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