4 June 2011


When I am at my computer keyboard, I do go elsewhere. It's not all about blogging. For the past few years I have been contributing photos to the Panoramio website. From there over 350 of my pictures have been selected for Google Earth and may also be seen in Google Maps etc..

In 2006, I visited Berlin for the first time. Afterwards, I added a few of my Berlin and Sachsenhausen (concentration camp) photos to the Panoramio website. Incredibly, Panoramio provide running totals of visitors who have looked at one's pictures whilst on the internet. I posted the following photos on the same day. Here's my picture of the Jewish Holocaust Monument in Berlin. Established many years after World War II, it recognises Germany's role in the unnecessary deaths of approximately six million Jews:-
And here's my picture of the site of Hitler's "Fuhrerbunker" in Berlin. The place where that evil, racist, ego-maniacal monster died:-
These two sites are spitting distance from each other. What interests me and the reason for this post is that I note that just twenty six visitors have looked at the Holocaust Memorial picture but currently 4,802 have checked out my photo of the site of Hitler's bunker. What does this say about people if a memorial to six million gets so few visits while the eerie but unremarkable plaza where just one "man" - the "Fuhrer" - made his last throws of the dice has attracted the attention of almost five thousand people? I find it spooky and not a little sad. How far have we travelled I wonder?

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  1. I agree with you YP. I have visited the Holocaust Monument in Berlin along with a visit to the Kathe Kollwitz museum. When talking to some youngsters on our return and mentioning Checkpoint Charlie they said 'who's he?..'
    I did feel old.


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