12 June 2011


Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. This weekend I bussed it up to Sukhothai, seven hours north of Bangkok. It was here in the very heart of Thailand that King Ramkamhaeng developed an amazing Buddhist city in the thirteenth century, complete with a water system, huge ramparts and moats as well as scores of temples and statues. It must have been such a wonder to behold, far from the imaginings of Europeans. I will say more, but before I hit the hay ready for work on Monday morning, here are just two photos I snapped:-


  1. Beautiful smile there... peace and contentment maybe....

  2. We get so hung up in our fascination for the latest technology that we can't comprehend that people who didn't have iPhones and the internet were as civilized (if not more so) than we are. And every generation thinks it's the "modern" one. Thank you for the reminder.

  3. I let you off. but dont let it happen again!

  4. Your portfolio of great photos has certainly grown with this trip YP. What do you do with them all when you get home? We make 15 -20 minute long Movie Makers with them and look at them on our TV quite regularly. Beats thumbing through albums and going to all that expense of printing them out.

  5. LIBBY I have seen so many Buddha smiles and you are so right - they do exude a sense of contentment and calm, as if they have grasped the knowledge that is just in front of our noses.
    JAN I guess that in a hundred years time people may look back upon our age and be appalled at our primitiveness.
    JOHN GRAY Thank you Welsh Buddha!
    HELEN Great idea. Maybe I will try it. It used to be - before digital - that I gathered prints but now my photos are principally held on the hard drive or on memory sticks. Some I post to Panoramio/Google Earth.


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