5 June 2011


There's an intruder in my garden back in Sheffield. She has been planting vegetables and ensuring that my little patch of prepared earth doesn't lie fallow this summer. I have been giving her long distance advice. The English spring has apparently been most wonderful weatherwise and there has been much watering to do. In comparison, jobs like ironing, changing bed linen, washing clothes, drying them, vacuuming, dusting and bleaching the toilet bowls are of course dead easy - woman's work. Now my little scarecrow is discovering what man's work is all about. Hard! Bloody hard!

Through the wonders of modern technology, yesterday our Frances snapped this picture on her phone, uploaded it and then emailed it to me in Thailand and now I am displaying it - sideways on* - to the entire world! Well to Jenny in Wrexham, John in Trelawnyd, Ian in south Manchester and a handful of other readers who drop in to this rambling blog from time to time. The wife:-
* The wonders of modern technology! I cannot re-orientate it no matter how I try! So bend your head!


  1. Man's work eh? mmmmmmmmmm... woman try their best .... but will never function like a man will they? THANK HEAVENS!
    well done Shirley...those 'taters' look fine..

  2. She is looking remarkably carefree and happy, YP. Oh of course, she doesn't have to wash mountains of male underear and repeatedly put the toilet seat down these days. She could be getting used to this carefree life... ;)

  3. LIBBY It was like throwing meat to a lion! Gotcha!
    JENNY Oh thou art a forthright wench! You have verily upset my applecart! I shall not sleep this eventide for thou hast poisoned my verisimilitude.

  4. well at least as Jennyta said Shirley doesnt have to wash your verisimilitudes anymore!

  5. JOHN Siding with lasses is just not on young fellow me lad!
    JENNY I don't leave "mountains" in my underwear just clods. The toilet seat should always be left up to facilitate hygienic male urination.

  6. I've seen some steep gardens in my day, but that one takes the cake!

  7. Your gardener seems happy, probably to do with having the top on the toothpaste tube every time she goes to the bathroom nowadays ... apparently something that upsets the weaker sex ;)

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  9. Shirley looks remarkably care free doesn't she? Are you just a little bit worried that she is managing so well without you YP?
    From what we saw the season seems to have gone into overdrive over there and spring moved into summer very fast. Hope all the vegies don't bolt away to seed.


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