8 June 2011


Election fever is growing in Thailand. The polls open on July 3rd. The front-runners are the incumbent Democrat Party led by the erudite Oxford-educated prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva and The Pheu Thai Party led by the photogenic political novice Yingluck Shinawatara - sister of disgraced former leader Thaksin Shinawatra - still in exile over greedily extracting millions of baht from the public purse. They reckon that from afar this megalomaniac is pulling many of the election strings just as he was most influential in last year's "red shirts" demonstrations that resulted in many deaths and injuries.

Anyway, the intention of this post is not to lecture you about Thai politics but to share with you some of the posters that are now decking the streets of Bangkok. Every party has its own number on the ballot paper. What an odd "co-incidence" that Miss Yingluck's party get Box 1! But here's Mr Spock, representing party number 21:-
And here's Miss Yingluck just outside my bijou residence, looking rather battered:-
Here's the prime minister with his old fag from Eton as Yingluck lurks menacingly behind:-
The mad scientist party have fallen to the ground:-
But my favourite poster has to be this one for Party No. 2. What is the baby saying to the electorate? Probably what all politicians think about the hoi polloi in their constituencies. But the baby is making no bones about it. No pretence. The two-fingered salute says simply, "Give us your vote and then f... off!" I think that party Number 2 - and what is a "number two" (?) - must have been schooled by The Right Honourable Nicholas Clegg MP for Sheffield Hallam:-
Doesn't that just about sum up all politicians?


  1. Love the number idea! I wonder if they use the numbers 13 and 69? Those seem to have special meaning in American politics.

  2. mrs yingluck is a looker!

  3. JAN Wasn't Bill Clinton the leader of the 69 party? And for America that fool "soccer mom", Sarah Palin would surely belong to Party Number 13. Some Americans seem to imagine that Barack Obama leads the 666 party!
    JOHN GRAY If she knocked on my door canvassing for votes I would happily pledge mine after ten minutes - which is apparently, on average, how long the act of sexual congress lasts in Thailand.

  4. I think Yinkluk Shinawatara, though a political novice, is destined to be (if she is not already) the great-great-great-great (many times over) grandmother of Pinchuk Quadrilahmagong, about whom I wrote in 2008 (here), long before you became a reader of my blog. Perhaps Yingluk is the one who will bring (or the one who brought, from Pinchuk's perspective) Thailand into the Gulag Archipelago.

  5. Silly me! Of course I meant Yingluck, not Yinkluk or Yingluk....

  6. Well Thai politics look about as interesting as British politics, though I did like the "Baby says F Off" party. I think I'll stick to gardening - - it's so easy and relaxing, compared with the very many other jobs we women have to do.


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