28 June 2012


Over in Europe,  the 2012 international football tournament is reaching its climax. Before each game, the players walk out holding hands with their "escorts" - no not the sort they see secretly in hotels but young kids - boys and girls dressed in red and yellow kits. These escorts are kindly sponsored by McDonalds whose corporate colours just happen to be red and yellow too! What a remarkable co-incidence!
England with player escorts before the clash with France.
Do international cricketers or rugby players walk out on to the pitch holding hands with young children? No they don't! So what is the point of these player escorts? When did the ritual begin - because in days gone by there were no player escorts at all. What is the presence of escorts meant to convey? What sort of message? Paedophilia?

The kids have been flown in to Poland and Ukraine from all over Europe which in my view is a waste of aviation fuel. Why are McDonalds sponsoring them anyway since that company's main mission seems to be to promote obesity when football is about fitness and agility. I think it's to do with the red and yellow kits - subtly reinforcing McDonalds advertising and thereby encouraging sales.

It would make better TV viewing if the players walked out with lady escorts from an escort agency - dressed in fishnet stockings and revealing lacy tops. Instead of being sponsored by McDonalds they could be sponsored by Barclays Bank - subtly conveying that discredited organisation's main raison d'etre.

And now, onwards to Sri Lanka...


  1. Well of course, I think that football could be vastly improved by never being shown on television at all or mentioned in the news - mind you, I don't suppose you would agree with me, YP...?

  2. JENNY No ma'am I would not agree with you. In fact I would like to see far more football. Murdoch's greedy "Sky" Beast has stolen away a lot of our TV football.

  3. If you guys played REAL football, you'd have scantily clad cheerleaders like the NFL here does, and then the ratings would be higher and Murdoch would let you see more of it on TV. The economy would flourish once again because, as we all know, if the rich people get richer it's better for all of us.

  4. There has been some strange stuff going on at the football. For example why does the stretcher crew have 'Stretcher Crew' on the back of their tops in English rather than Polish or Ukrainian?

  5. Are the stretcher crew there to help the players stretch when they warm up? It's a mystery to me*

    *I really know.
    But I think it's sad that the chances of being hurt in the games of ritualized war are so high that you have a crew of people there to carry stretchers... But what do I know? I'm just a woman. Even when I was participating in karate (a true form of combat) tourneys we didn't even have a medic in attendance. That's what a ritualized war should look like. It's to do with civilized restraint.

  6. it'd be better if they all walked out on the pitch pissed as newts... if Carlsberg did football sponsorship.....?? They could even be sponsored by my poorly pulled pints!


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