24 June 2012


I just received one of those "round robin" emails. Many of them are irritating and deserve immediate deletion but this one tickled me. The connecting notion is - "The Very Last Picture in The Camera":-
I just hope that this isn't my last picture as I float 
aimlessly in the doldrums of the Indian Ocean:-


  1. So you're fleeing for your life, drifting in a decrepit old dinghy but you have managed to bring your laptop and, not only that, but it is still complete with wifi!!!

  2. JENNY Yep! Isn't modern technology wonderful! My main worry is the battery. I use the laptop very sparingly and I note that I'm now down to 50% of capacity.

  3. What I want to know is, why you didn't dash across the strait to 'my' island. At least then Gerald and I would be able to locate you. As it is, we are having a nice little break here while we try and pick up a signal from your locator beacon. You do have one of those in that life boat I presume? Did you turn it on?

  4. add sender to blocked senders list..... click!

  5. KATHERINE Hell, I didn't even know you were there! And this is an old lifeboat. Somebody must have nicked the beacon. Give my regards to Gerald. Remind me, what breed is he?
    ARCTIC FOX Okay I will "add sender to blocked senders list" even though I have no idea what that means.

  6. We weren't there until you abandoned Blogland YP. We've come to rescue you.

    What about a flare? Any of those? Wait until nightfall and there's just a slim chance we'll see it. We shall do a night flight tonight, okay?

    Gerald is my pilot. I can't fly a plane.


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