4 June 2013


Edale, Derbyshire on a lovely June day. It's a secret green valley where once all that there was to do was to raise sheep and cattle and children. Manchester and Sheffield would have seemed a million miles away. Now there are holiday homes. People retire here. Some of the old stone barns and houses are tumble down - yet they whisper tantalising echoes from a bygone age.

It's a lovely place to walk when the weather is clement - especially on a Monday when the weekenders have returned to their workaday world. I came across one fellow rambler - a Mancunian - urinating merrily by a stile as I approached. He was mortified but I promised not to inform the local constabulary that there was a flasher on the loose. Surely he could have gone to the visitor centre two miles away even though I appreciate that Mancunians are a rather uncouth lot.

Pressed by agents in Hollywood, I have crafted my second major film. It took me ages to recapture the amateurish flavour of my first home movie. In this artefact, you will find deliberate discolouration, blurriness, strange transitions and shakiness. Roughness can be very effective in film don't you think?...


  1. That's not blurriness it's soft focus. You have more patience than I do. I detest editing video.

  2. Smashing.....although instead of Ed I thought we might have had a commentary YP....a vlog!

  3. Cannes here we come...
    Acceptance speech hastily written on the back of Ginsters Cornish Pasty packet.
    Mantlepiece polished.
    It's in the bag, or should I say rucksack?
    Just try not to cry YP.


  4. ADRIAN Did you have a hand in The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole? I knew I'd seen you before!
    LIBBY To be honest, I don't know how to add a commentary Libby. The use of Ed Sheeran was a matter of convenience rather than taste.
    LETTICE LEAF Are you a clairvoyant? Not Gingsters though - the speech is on a Tetley beermat. They've promised me a gallon a night for the rest of my life if I win. Crying could get more bums on the cinema seats.

  5. Another masterpiece! I am not a clairvoyant like Lettice Leaf (spelling hers), but I could feel the ghosts of Wordsworth and Hardy and George Eliot and Shelley and Keats all saying, "Now, that's the England we remember!"

  6. Yes, there's definitely real Yorkshire talent there, YP. Mind you, the shadow of Yorkshire Pudding did look as if it had put on a bit of weight...;)

  7. RHYMES WITH... Edale is an inspirational place - unless of course the weather is miserable.
    JENNY Ye cheeky monkey! I'm still the sleek eleven stone I always was! And if you believe that you're a banana!

  8. YP, not Adrian Mole. You were the first person to comment on Adrian's Images. I didn't know the ropes then but am happy to have found your Blog.
    I don't have any truck with sycophancy so I'll content myself with it's okay.

  9. ADRIAN "Okay"? This is high praise indeed from a hard-to-please fellow like you. Thank you. By the way are you on the run up at Chanonry Point? I hesitate to imagine what you must have done.

  10. Not bad at all. Well done! Particularly liked the plastic sheep you placed on the wall - did you have it in your rucksack?


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