12 June 2013


Arrived safely. Warm but windy. Hotel Soreda in Qawra - good. Today visited catacombs in Mdina and prehistoric  "Clapham Junction" cart lines. Also saw ancient cave dwellings nearby after negotiating frothing hounds - not all on chains! Moving on to Gozo tomorrow. Wish you were here.
Yorkshire & Shirley Pudding
P.S. Our hire car is an Opel Corsa.


  1. Chris and I had our first holiday in Malta
    It was both shit
    And absolutely lovely

    Have a good one

  2. Shouldn't there be an x marking your hotel room on the postcard??...have a great time.

  3. Yippee! Postcard! Love postcards from abroad.

  4. I meant to put in the P.S. either How are Uncle John's bunions OR Hope Auntie Libby is still laying off the gin...OR is our Carol still razzing about with her new fancy man?...but I didn't!

  5. Beautiful scene, I love harbors and wooden boats.

  6. How lovely. Part of my Welsh exam last week was to write a postcard - in Welsh, of course. :)

  7. You write the most exquisite and intriguing post cards, if I do say so myself. I think I just did. The place names you encounter wherever you go are downright exotic.

  8. How was your Ryanair experience?

  9. TERRA ( or should that be spelt Terror?) Thanks for dropping by.
    JENNY How do you write "It is still raining!" in Welsh?
    ROBERT BRAGUE We were staying at the Soreda Hotel on Andrew Cunningham Street. More names to conjure with.
    HIPPO I have flown with Ryanair many times. It was as bad or as good as you might expect but they got us there on time. We didn't buy anything on board - certainly none of their dumb scratchcards or expensive drinks. The airline is a necessary evil methinks.

  10. Terra's comment I could not agree with more but it reminded of when, in my richer days, I wanted to buy a sport fishing boat. Since I am a Hemingway fan I was particularly attracted to an all wood boat with a varnished cockpit to die for complete with antique wooden fighting chair. The delightful sales lady kept trying to push me toward a (less expensive) fibreglass boat. Eventually I asked her, 'What is it you have against wooden boats?'

    'Nothing,' she replied, 'They just leave a bigger ripple when they sink!'


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