3 November 2013


Uh oh, here come the Judge
Here comes the Judge
Everybody knows
That he is the Judge
You may recall that I was the geograph photo of the week winner for Week 42. There have been radio interviews, TV appearances and commercial pressure to endorse a new range of frozen Yorkshire puddings. But I am sorry I have serious moral objections to curry-flavoured Yorkshire puds or indeed Mexican, Italian or New York Deli flavours. It just wouldn't be right.

The shortlist for Week 43 duly appeared and after much angst and late night deliberation, these were my final three.

This horse (McDobbin) is in the Scottish borders. The photographer, a certain W.Baxter of Galashiels, has called the picture: "The grass is always greener on the other side":-
This happy scene is in Glasgow Central railway station and it is by another Scottish gentleman known as Tam to his friends. Imaginatively, he called it: "Bride and groom in Glasgow Central railway station" which is a very catchy title don't you think?
But this one was what I judged to be the overall winner. It is by a fellow called Robin who snapped the lovely Autumn image in a park in Newport, Wales. He called it  "An autumn walk with the dog, Belle Vue Park, Newport". He also mailed me twenty quid ahead of my tortured decision-making:-
Please click on the pictures to appreciate them more.


  1. Lining up for a Cornish Pasty for their wedding breakfast ~ novel. Will the Baxter be speaking to you now??

  2. Carol - it's not "The Baxter". It's "The Baxatron" or "Baxinsky". He's always very busy with his family soup making business or plotting the rise of King Alex Salmond the First to the Scottish throne. Of course he won't be speaking to a dirty Sassenach like me. Don't be silly!

  3. I'm with you, I like the last one.

  4. My favorite is the picture of the couple at the station after their wedding. Perspective, subject, busy life vs. a solitary significant occasion ..... not to mention the perfectly placed photographer in front of the photograph.....beautiful!

    1. Yes Mountain, for different reasons, I liked both the station picture and the park picture. It was difficult to separate them. There are so many "stories" in the station picture.


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