21 March 2007


Another generation had war memories that bound them together. My surrogate "war" was faraway in the vast Pacific Ocean - teaching Polynesian high school kids - on an island that was "discovered" as late as 1796 by Captain Edwards aboard "The Pandora" as he chased down the mutineers from "The Bounty". I just received this picture this evening - kindly posted to me by one of my "war" buddies - Richard from Minneapolis. I wrote about him and our island before - Rotuma. (link)
That's me in the picture - at nineteen. My whole life in front of me. Before university. Before marriage. Before fatherhood. Before my father's death. Before I climbed on the treadmill of work - like a hamster running to keep up with myself. I look happy in that picture on a day I can't even remember. Playing my guitar for some village kids. A coconut leaf hat on my head. Lounging on a white sand beach thirteen thousand miles from home and over thirty years ago.


  1. That is a classy picture... sounds like a great adventure, and one which helped the yorkshire pudding rise to perfection!!


  2. Oh don't! I keep having thoughts about 'my (mis-spent) youth'. I almost had a panic attack when I realised it'll be 20 years this October since I went to university. Where does the time go?

  3. What a hottie! My teenage self would have totally been smitten by you.

  4. You haven't changed a bit!


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