18 December 2007


Fabio Capello - the mercenary, literature consuming, opera loving, Mercedes driving, arrogant git! Am I the only English football supporter who doesn't want him here? Particularly sickening is his appointment of an entourage of Eye-ties to form his trusted backroom staff - Baldini, Galbiati, Neri and Tancredi - all sound like biscuit varieties to me. I don't want this Capello and mark my words - it will all end in tears! He is not the man for the job. The only foreign johnnies I would have entertained would have been Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho - both honorary Englishmen who know our game inside out. However, before them I would have still made it top priority to make an Englishman our manager. For heaven's sake, this is a country of fifty million (The other ten million live in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) - surely to God, from all those people one man fit to be our manager should have emerged. And poor old Steve McLaren - he was a whisker away from success - especially if you think about the away game in Russia. It might have all turned out so different for him. My nomination would have been Alan Shearer. He has a good footballing brain and was an outstanding international player. I think he would have risen to the challenge, supported by an all-English back room staff. I think the first new English phrase that Capello should learn is "Where do I catch a plane back to my Swiss tax haven?"


  1. Yes to Saint Alan - but not yet. he has to have some experience of club management first because if he went into the top and didn't win every match 3-0, he would be crucified.

  2. Anonymous12:12 pm

    who has done better? Italian or English managers in the world cup finals. Mind you my country is being managed by some Dutchman I have never heard of

  3. Oh yes, how lovely is a Swiss tax haven, or so Brad the Gorilla keeps boasting.

  4. MUTTERINGS - Jesus was crucified and look what impact he has had on the world!
    CRAIG Are you Russian? I agree trhat Eye-ties have done better on the world stage but so what - winning isn't everything as you would know all too well if you supported a team like Hull City my friend! Football is mostly about suffering with little islands of joy in between.
    ALKELDA - Brad the who? Never heard of the guy!

  5. Mr Pudding: By the time I'm done with you, you'll wish you'd never heard of me. What hogwash. Hogwash, I tell you!

  6. Anonymous2:09 am

    So it's not just me - who thought - WHY NOT ALAN SHEARER!! wouldn't of been grand to see him lead England to a win in the world cup! He's just the man I think to do it. Tru ~ I'm just a silly american girl who addictively loves Brit premier league. Maybe 'the don' as it is, will place Shearer on staff so he'll get the exprerience ~ then next round we ( cough - i mean you ) can have him leading the team.

    I wonder though, do you hope to see Beckham hit his 100th cap? As an overseas fan, I'm mad to see it. Hoping it happens. Wonder what his actual countrymen & women think.

    Love your blog - actually found it looking to see what the devil a yorkshire pudding recipe would entail. ;) You have a new fan, even though there's no yorkshire pudding recipe here.

  7. I could select 11 players from the pub on Sunday who could have played with more passion than England in recent games,however I have to echo your sentiment, I feel that when the going gets tough this guy will capitulate.
    (see recent Italian history)

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