27 April 2009


Last Monday, I made my debut in a Chinese language newspaper in Hong Kong following the interview I had with cub reporter Li Ming Kit of the Ming Pao Newspaper Group at the new Yorkshire Pudding bar restaurant. She kindly sent me a "soft copy" of the article and I have cropped it to highlight the image of me indulging in my second favourite pastime - scoffing tucker! On this occasion it was free roast beef, veg and Yorkshire puddings with gravy - all washed down with a nice free pint of Murphy's stout
As I am sure there are few visitors to this blog who are fluent in Cantonese, I will translate.... "As I interviewed the staff at the new restaurant, in walked a gorgeous hunk of a man with bulging biceps and a sexy Elvis-like pout. Unfortunately, he was with his English wench. Nevertheless, I made a beeline for him. Oooo! He was gorgeous and when I heard his rough Yorkshire accent, my legs felt like jelly. Manfully, he tucked into his free meal and gave it the thumbs up - claiming that the puddings were as good as his mother used to make back in the mythical land of Yorkshire.... He was none other than the well-known English blogger Mr Yorkshire Pudding. It was a privilege to meet him."


  1. Well, thanks, YP, for that undoubtedly extremely accurate translation.

  2. Oh yes, that bloke in the newspaper article is far better-looking than the chap whose photo is on your blog. I think the man in the paper is your Holiday Double. (This is my ever-so-subtle way of saying Time for a New Photo.)

  3. HP sauce & Yorkshire Pudding ?
    Surely not sir !
    Thick gravy should be enough.

  4. I'm with David - but a splash of horseradish wouldn't go amiss.

  5. are english restaurants in China all full of chinese folk trying to look cosmopolitan and sophisticated by using a knife and fork while the waiters all despair that they can't ever seem to hold them right and make a terrible mess and why can't they just get over themselves and ask for chopsticks like normal people?

  6. RHYMES Yes thanks. My Cantonese won me many plaudits in high school. Some people take to languages like Bombay ducks to water...
    DAPHNE I am not sure what you are insinuating. Both images are of me though the regular corner one was taken five years ago by a former student.
    DAVID I hate HP sauce with its picture of London's parliament buildings on it. If it had a picture of the radio mast at Emley Moor I would no doubt love it.
    MOPSA Splash of horseradish - yes - just a lttle with roast beef. Mind you I thought you would still be chomping through your spring lambs.
    GINGERFIELD Thanks for dropping by. I like your thinking! One has to be extremely dextrous to use a knife and fork. Chopsticks are so damned easy!

  7. Ah, art imitates life. This reminds me of a famous Monty Python skit that went on and on about the English in Majorca or some such, and how all they wanted was their 'Watney's Red Barrel' and egg and chips.
    I never understood it before :-P

    But it is a very nice pic of you. You are much happier eating than at school, obviously.
    You're actually quite handsome.

  8. Katherine! Don't make him even bigger-headed than he already is!! I can affirm, being fluent in Cantonese, that his translation leaves a LOT to be desired. :)

  9. KATHERINE "Actually quite handsome"! I feel damned by feint praise. I will have you know that I was Mr Bridlington 1975 but like a good wine I have grown more tasty with age.
    JENNYTA You are right. I am big-headed - literally! I have never been able to buy a hat anywhere in the world that fitted me! This is down to the large amount of brain that is squeezed into my skull.

  10. YP - - for once, I wasn't insinuating anything. I was just saying TIME FOR A NEW PHOTO. (I have to say it a lot, to actors I work with.) The Chinese photo man is better-looking than the British one. And I know they're both you. And when you're better-looking than the photo you're using it's time for a new photo. Phew.

  11. Hmmm.... are you sure about that translation. Found you through black box but interesting had just read your comment on another blog I follow. Serendipity? VLiF


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