1 April 2010


You must have heard the news by now. Don't you think it is disgraceful? I mean, for at least seven years bloggers could post blogposts for free and leave as many comments as they wished on other people's blogs. As I understand it, later on this month Google/Blogger will be charging a flat rate of ten dollars for every new blogpost - that's approximately £6.80 in British money. Each photograph you insert will cost a further five dollars and they are going to charge the same fee for any comments left on other blogs. Lord knows how they are going to police this but I understand that Google have secretly developed a huge computer facility in San Diego to act as a billing centre.

I don't know about you but these unexpected fees are going to severely curtail my blogging activity. I just won't be able to afford it. You would think that Google already have enough money to buy up the entire Greek kingdom with all its islands so how come they're imposing these fees? It was all landed on us so unexpectedly and I think bloggers across the globe should immediately campaign against these measures. The internet should be free. If you have any ideas about what we can do please leave them in "Visitor Comments" below.


  1. Gotcha! APRIL FOOL! Ha! Ha! It's April 1st!

  2. Har Har de har har. You did got me. I was shocked!

  3. Elizabeth9:34 am

    We had realised your tomfoolery, YP.I shall be in Sheffield, today, so shall keep a look out for you,waving your pig's bladder and jangling the jester's bells - but only until mid-day,remember. HAPPY APRIL. x

  4. LOL You got me too!
    I fell for it like Niagara Falls.
    Bon Weekend

  5. You had me going there for a minute. I'm an April fool!

  6. I had just placed a small plastic snake under my officemate's chair before I read your blog. So I was immune this time. Your joke is so much more sophisticated than mine, though, I'm in awe.

  7. KATHERINE Whoo-hoo! And you're meant to be intelligent!
    ELIZABETH No need for vulgarity young lady! By the way - I think I spotted you in The Peace Gardens this morning with a two litre bottle of Woodpecker cider. Do you by any chance wear farm twine in place of a coat belt?
    JEAN Thanks for dropping by. I am honoured but I wonder how your parents got together - I mean Mother Theresa and Aung San Suu Kyi? Did they adopt you?
    RHYMES WITH FOOL Not just an April fool Robert! There are eleven other months!
    JAN BLAWAT Plastic snake under your co-worker's chair? How old did you say you were? Hey, it's good to act like a kid once in a while. Was your colleague hospitalised owing to shock?


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