7 June 2014


By English Bay, Vancouver... and no! He's not me!
Still "knackered" as my German friend Meike (Miss Arian) so accurately described tiredness the other week. We arrived in Vancouver on a lovely spring afternoon. Even the police cyclists and parking enforcement officers were wearing shorts. We didn't bother with a taxi from the city centre - just pulled our suitcases along Robson Street to the West End.

Though in a well-heeled neighbourhood, we have noticed a good number of down-and-out fellows in the area. Men with shopping trolleys and beards. Men with crutches and begging bowls who say "Have a nice weekend" as you pass by. We even saw an old white lady in her seventies with all her worldly possessions in tow rooting in a litter bin and we saw a wild-eyed young man with a massive plastic sack filled with recyclable cans and plastic bottles, hunting for more. What a mad world we occupy for down at West Marina there are dozens of designer yachts and motor cruisers bobbing in the bay. Why can't the down-and-out people live there? After all these boats don't get much use. They are mainly status symbols - toys for the rich.

We walked from our pleasant suite on Bidwell Street over to English Bay where Vanouverians were enjoying the sunny afternoon. Such sharp, clear and lovely weather. There were roller bladers, cyclists, an English style  bowling club and a couple of young men smoking cannabis under a tree. We caught a strong whiff of it but it didn't make us high. A woman cycled by with a tortured chihuahua on a lead. Poor thing!

Then we went to a place I had previously visited courtesy of Street View - "The Dover Arms" - a locals pub with a friendly Canadian atmosphere. St Louis Cardinals were playing Toronto Blue Jays on the big screen but mostly people ignored this baseball game and drank and chattered instead. A former barmaid came in to show off her baby daughter to the clientelle. It was a nice place to be and we sank two refreshing beers before staggering in to "Safeway" to buy two Chinese meals from the oriental self-serve counter.

Some pictures:-
Statue of Robert Brague
Just one of the shadowy hobo men
Virginia creeper on The Sylvia Hotel
Shirley by the sea
English Bay, Vancouver
Lazy woman with chihuahua in dog coat
Cycle cops - "on duty"
In "the Dover Arms" on Denman Street
"Darling, will  you marry me?"
"How much money you got?"


  1. Such a lovely city isn't it ? One of the worlds most liveable apparently. We loved watching all the floatplanes, Tony used to fly one of those here when we were first married. Are you going to Gross mountain and the suspension bridge ? Have fun !

    1. Yes Helen - you are right. Vancouver is a lovely city and so youthful. I am pleased we are seeing it in good summer weather ad not in the depths of winter. So Tony few sea planes? Impressive! And no we are not going to the Gross Mountains. All being well, tomorrow we will drive up to Whistler. Is that where the Gross Mountains are?

  2. It looks a great place but it is like all big cities. The poor are trapped in them.

    1. At least the shadowy down and outs don't have bills to pay. I looked out of our window this morning and saw a police car stop across the street from us. A cop got out and went over and gently kicked the human bundle that was curled up against the wall. The tattooed young woman within stirred and put on her shoes as the cop hovered over her. It was seven a.m..

  3. Re the statue - a stunning likeness, although I don't remember posing for it. The sculptor captured my mouth almost exactly, as well as my general attitude after reading posts by a certain son of Sheffield, England.

    1. I just knew you would take my mischief in good heart as you are a very generous fellow,


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