3 October 2014



Hurray! It's National Poetry Day.
I have always been interested in poetry.
They made it by The Nile in days of yore
And by The Ganges and the Mekong too...
Without poetry
The world we know 
Would be so very different
Poetry facilitated the carrying of water
Native Americans developed crude poetry
While ancient Chinese methods were finer
And in The Valley of the Kings
They placed poetry in their secret tombs.
Just as we are of clay
So too the poetry we use -
It clinks and lasts forever
 - If you treasure it.
But all breakages must be replaced
So handle with care.


  1. thanks for the poem and thank you for reminding me of Chinese poetry. I used to read Lei Bai. I think that was his name, brilliant stuff I'll have another go at it.

    1. Do you mean Li Bai Strauss? It was all in the genes:-

      Before my bed, the moon is shining bright,
      I think that it is frost upon the ground.
      I raise my head and look at the bright moon,
      I lower my head and think of home.

    2. Ta, yes I did I had a book full of it.
      I don't know where the book is but they were all to do with moons and weird things, like drinking wine under the stars. Thanks I'll investigate further.

  2. I like Chinese pottery, too.

    I also like your poem. A fitting tribute to National Poetry Day. :)

    1. I must be potty - writing pottery like that!

    2. Hehehe....by the way, Yorky....I replied to your "entree" comment in my blog...I hope it explains it all. :)

  3. Here in the U.S. of A. (the 13 former colonies plus 37 Johnny-come-latelys), the states of Colorado and New Mexico are both famous for their poetry. The Anasazi cliff dwellers of the Pueblo people deposited a lot of theirs in over 4,000 archaeological sites, whilst nearer our own time Maria Martinez down in Santa Fe became legendary for hers.

    As Ogden Nash once said:

    I think that I shall never see
    A poem lovely as a tree.
    Indeed, unless the billboards fall
    I'll never see a tree at all.

    1. I appreciate the connection with Ogden Nash. Thank you Bob.

  4. Many years ago when my son was just a little tracker, he went out shopping for a present with a girlfriend. I said I would really like a book of poetry. I was pleasantly surprised then when I opened my gift and it was a book on pottery.

    1. Well what a co-incidence Carol! I am pleased that my odd little poem rang that particular bell in your memory. A small child might think a "pome" was some kind of small rodent. Perhaps a young pommy?


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