7 March 2023


Oh! Oh! I almost forgot to blog tonight. A few things have distracted me including making our evening meal, preparing to visit York tomorrow, listening to the radio commentary of Chelsea's match with Borussia Dortmund and trying to get to grips with the new camera I bought this afternoon.

The meal centred around the remains of Sunday's beef joint. I chopped it into chunks and left the pieces simmering in leftover gravy with chopped onions and mushrooms. The pan was on the gas hob at the lowest setting with the lid on for about four hours. The stew was served with mashed potato and steamed broccoli. Though I say it myself - rather delicious.

I will be taking trains to and from York. With off-peak saver fares I have only paid £12.80 for the return trip. I will only be there for four and a half hours but I plan to walk a few miles. It's not really about going to see sights like York Minster, Clifford'a Tower, The Shambles and the old city walls. I realised that I haven't been into York for twenty years since my friend Chris came over from Ohio to pay us a visit back in 2003. How time flies. And obviously with my Geograph photo mapping passion the trip to York is partly about ticking off squares as I take notice of what is around me.

There's a great camera shop on London Road, Sheffield. It's called Harrisons and I went there to buy a used Panasonic bridge camera in excellent condition. It was only £80 but when I discovered it was twelve years old I decided to pay a couple of hundred pounds more to buy a smaller, more compact camera - a Panasonic-DC-TZ90 - shown at the top of this blogpost. Obviously, I hope it gives me great results. We'll see.

York is the ancient capital of Yorkshire and of course it gave its name to America's biggest city - New York. It was the birthplace of Guy Fawkes and Dame Judy Dench and where my father attended teacher training college  before World War II. It was home to big confectionery companies like Rowntrees and Terry's and remains the home of The National Railway Museum. It's also where I was first frisked by cops at a football match - York City v Hull City  in the 1970's.

Naturally, I hope to post pictures from my York trip if I can come to terms with the new camera. Watch this space.


  1. I really need to re-learn how to use my DSLR. Phones and photoshop and filters have taken over and it's not necessarily a good thing. Roasts taste better the second time around.

  2. Tour evening meal has certainly distracted me! Sounds like great stuff.

  3. I think it was in York where I went to a three story Pub' by a river. The lower floor was for the oldies, the first floor for middle aged darts players, and the top floor for younger beer-swilling youfs. This was in about 1969, so it may no longer be there. It was a great Pub'.

  4. I'm looking forward to your photos of York, I hope you have a lovely day out. I didn't know Dame Judy Dench was English. I like her in every movie I've seen that has her in it. I think my favourite is The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, which also has Maggie Smith in it.

  5. I regret buying my last camera because although it is point and shoot, it is too heavy to carry around without a backpack, and no, I am not going to sling it around my neck on a strap. I hope you've made the right decision. The evidence will become apparent.

    Borussia? Hmm, Latin for Prussia it seems.

    1. Get a camera bag and sling it across your body like a satchel.

  6. Great meal, a "new" camera, and a trip to York - sounds all good to me!
    My two day trips to York last summer were really nice, too. I am not sure we'll go again this summer; it probably depends on whether or not my niece and her boyfriend will still be living in York by then (sadly, their rented flat is being sold, and they have to find a new place).

  7. I have only been to York once but unfortunately the trip was marred by my daughter dropping her mobile phone down the toilet in a cafe in The Shambles. We then had to rush around to try and find somewhere to repair it it I must go back one day.

  8. Yorkie goes to York, the new bestseller. Out tomorrow.

  9. Not forgetting Castle Museum. I once visited it and sat on Dick Turpin's prison bed. York Minster is probably the nicest looking Cathedral in England well apart from Salisbury Cathedral.

  10. Dinner sounds good. I had a couple of hours in York once, neat city. I had an earlier version of that camera, back in 2014-2015 and really liked it (it is the only camera I have ever broken, it was crushed in my bag one day.).

  11. My DSLR mostly gathers dust these days. Not because it didn't perform, it was and still is an excellent picture taking camera. But because I have gotten in the habit of just using my phone which can take excellent photos 90% of the time and it is always with me. I look forward to your pictures of York!

  12. Ooh, I can smell that yummy stew from here, Neil!
    Good luck with the camera! I'll be waiting...

  13. Looking forward to the photos. It's many years since I last went to York.
    I still have an old Pentax SLR with lenses and filters, which did sterling service with excellent results for many years. Our first digital camera, a Canon A80, was bought from a duty free shop on the Caribbean island of St. Thomas and we spent most of the holiday reading the manual. Stored in a wardrobe here are more or less all the cameras we've had over the years - including a Sony video recorder which was fun at the time but now I have nothing to play the videos on. I could have them transferred to disc but they'll be of no interest to anyone else. What do you do with all these unloved cameras when they fall out of fashion? Nowadays I use the camera on my phone!

  14. Have you been frisked by cops at football matches since? Is that routine?

    Dave and I went to York several years ago and liked it a lot. Olga had fun too, though she was sorry she couldn't go into York Minster.

    Happy outings with the new camera!


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