14 December 2023


Gaza - Precision bombing?

"The current indiscriminate killing in Gaza, in which two-thirds of the dead are women and children, bears little resemblance to surgical strikes and reveals little apparent distinction by Israel between legitimate Hamas targets and innocent civilians." - "L.A. Times" Editorial December 14th 2023


Letter to the editor of "The Los Angeles Times" from Anne Hormann  in Pasadena  December 11th 2023...

To the editor: There’s got to be a better way. How did we come to the point of thinking that more than 17,000 deaths, the vast majority civilian, are acceptable even in the face of a terrorist atrocity?

And the number climbs daily. How many will be enough? 18,000? 20,000?

My heart aches for the Israeli families of hostages. My heart is also in agony for Palestinian families, thousands of whose loved ones are held hostage under mountains of rubble. No amount of negotiation, no prisoner swaps will ever bring them back.

We are all harmed by the ghastly number of lives lost and homes turned to piles of debris. We cannot come out of this, even as observers, without being diminished as human beings, our souls sickened by the callous acceptance of thousands of lives snuffed out.

There’s got to be a better way.

Anne Hormann, Pasadena
Current death toll in Gaza: 18,600
An estimated two thirds of these were women and children
Number of people seriously injured - unknown but in a typical war
the ratio is usually around 3:1 so that's 55,800 injured.


  1. It's lose-lose on both sides with the deaths and hostages and rapes and such.

  2. These people really don't like each other. One has to go back to the establishment of the state of Israel to understand some things. I remember the discussions about establishing the state of Israel. It was complicated.

  3. Every day I wish for this war (all wars) to end :(

  4. Dreadful statistics and as Ms Hormann has it right. There has to be a better way.

  5. Murder of innocents is evil, and two evils don't make anyone right.

  6. So sad to see children caught up in this and killed.. both sides think they are 'right.' But isn't that the same in any fight?


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