18 December 2005


So here I am in Avatar form, walking down a winding country path with my cat Boris in tow.
Avatar? Here are are a couple of definitions:-
1. "Among people working on virtual reality and cyberspace interfaces, an avatar is an icon or representation of a user in a shared virtual reality."

Yahoo! Avatars

2. "In Hinduism, an avatar is a god made visibly present, especially in a human form. The Buddha is considered an avatar of the god Vishnu."

Until today, I thought an "avatar" might be rather like a fighter pilot "Chocks away! Bandit at six o' clock. Isn't it fine to be an avatar high above the clouds! Oh look, there's Brad the Gorilla down there. Aim! Fire! " Oh what a shame - another silverback bites the dust!


  1. Oh what a shame - another silverback bites the dust!
    The story continues...

    The Avatar cackled wickedly to himself, not realizing that Brad the Gorilla was wearing a special bullet-proof suit. As the Avatar shifted gears, he found himself diving through the clouds. Whomp! With a sickening thud, the airplane hit the ground. The Avatar said, "O-ho, fortunately for me, I am so wicked and depraved that nothing shall destroy me." He looked over the broken windshield and to his horror, Brad the Gorilla was standing over him. "Oh no!" the Avatar said. "Please don't hurt me! Aieeeeeeee." As he was thrown into the air, he briefly thought, "Perhaps this great, wonderful gorilla whom I almost slew would forgive my nefarious deeds if I gave him some really delicious chocolate."

  2. Puddin, Love the avatar!

    Why oh why would you want to hurt Brad? He is a gruff gorilla for sure but wouldn't hesitate to defend those whom he cares about. Mess with a gorilla and you get the business end of a banana in a not so comfortable space.


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