20 December 2005


There are so many of these online personality quizzes around and I guess that Retarded Rugrat in British Columbia is the world's authority. So I picked one of her recommended online quizzes only to discover that of all Disney's characters I am most like Bambi! This is pure bull! Nobody who has ever met me would say I was like Bambi! Of all Disney characters I think I am most like Principal Crosby Strickler in the much underrated "Teacher's Pet" or perhaps Gepetto in "Pinnochio". Below, find out which character you are allegedly most like.... and then pick another of your own!
Bambi Result
Which DISNEY character are you most like?
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  1. Lmfao!!


  2. Ho ho. When you are in a particularly crotchety mood, I'm going to call you Bambi.

    I came out as Donald Duck. I hate Donald Duck! He's so grouchy and foul-tempered that...

    wait a minute. I guess I do like Donald Duck.

  3. *Has the giggles*

    Awwwwies, and I turned out as Minnie Mouse lol. Seems to be about right considering how tiny I am.


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