11 December 2005


Well we (Hull City) beat Sheffield Wednesday one-nil yesterday so I have earned "bragging rights" over any Wednesday supporters I encounter this week - including students in the school where I work. Very useful. The game itself left much to be desired. The first half was so dull that half of the crowd of 22,000 fell asleep and others read their programmes. There were no real shots on goal and only one corner conceded. The referee was whistle-happy, regularly pulling up the play instead of giving advantage to the team in possession. At halftime, Fiona fed us some delicious homemade flapjack.

The second half was marginally better. We brought on two subs - Price and Elliot and gradually they had an impact. Elliot met a cross from the right brilliantly to send a powerful looping header over Weaver's flailing arms. Goal! Up out of our seats with the orgasmic delight but then whistle - bloody offside! How could that be? We were dead opposite the action - there was no offside! Then three minutes later, Jason Price with his Afro hair powered through the middle to hoof the ball into the net - justice was done! Hull City 1 Sheff Wed 0 - All sing along together:- "We love you City we do! We love you City we do! We love you City we do! Hull City we love you!"
That puts us fifteenth in the Championship with twenty six points. Having had back on back promotions, this season was all about just staying up and fingers crossed, we are edging that way now. Sorry (hee-hee!) to blogger Retarded Rugrat in Vancouver - your Owls just weren't good enough.


  1. lol. I concede defeat with good grace :o)

  2. Oh I hope this doesn't change your opinion of me Pudding man.. but, I don't really do sports. I used to like a little baseball, well I do like sports, and I'd watch them I guess if I was on a deserted island with absolutely nothing else to watch. If there were no science fiction or, discovery channel, or cooking channel, or *gag* soap channel.
    but I did see a pro base ball game once. My dad took me to see the Giants play the Cardnials in about '66 or '67. Willie Mays broke some kind of record. That was pretty awesome.
    But I still love you man.

  3. Ok, with your witty commentary, I must get more into Soccer! As always your entry makes me smile. Thank you!

  4. Oh, you were talking about soccor!

    Thanks for the support with the new blog skin. You were the inspiration after all. As someone who is also math challenged it really isn't that hard. The main thing you have to know is the hexidecimal color system (or print off a cheat sheet like I did) and away you go.

  5. Go City! Hooray! Tell Nonny to quit talking in a foreign language, please. It's incredibly rude.


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