30 December 2005


On the left, I know this will amaze some of you, we have a picture - not of an actual mountain gorilla but of a plastic gorilla moneybox - anatomically accurate in every fine detail - available in large supermarkets right now under the brand name of "Brad the Gorilla". The recommended US retail price is just $4.99 (UK £2.90). One unique feature of this designer money box is the rear slot - not shown in the photograph - into this accommodating slot, owners are invited to insert coins of any size or denomination - activating a typical gorilla alarm cry - "AA - AA - AA - AAAIIIIEEE!"
Buy yours now while stocks last!


  1. Mr. Pudding, Once again you are confusing monkeys with gorillas. (What do they teach you in those British schools? Charlotte, my niece, is shocking me with all sorts of outlandish notions she picked up from Knightswood Secondary.) Here is an internet page with an entire list (complete with sound files) of gorillas in the wild. Please share them with your classroom.

  2. Happy New Year to you, Mr. Pudding!I just got some banana pudding from the co-op this afternoon. I'll eat it tonight in your honour (extra "u" for flourish).


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