23 May 2010


What a sweltering early summer's day it is here in Sheffield. I've been topless all day, my pecs and biceps glinting in glorious May sunshine as I dig up misplaced daffodils, replant them, sweep the block paving at the front and wash our window frames. No doubt Lady Pudding will have other jobs for me to do before sundown.

Yesterday we motored over to the East Riding to pick over the detritus of my mother's life. My younger brother has resided in her house since she died but it will soon be up for sale.

Here's a photograph I took along the way on Beverley Westwood - the large open common land south west of the town of Beverley where I went to school many moons ago. Between the trees you can see The Black Mill and to the right, just peeping over the horizon - the grandstand of Beverley racecourse:-
And here's a photograph I took last weekend while wandering with Shirley through the nearby ancient woodland known as Ecclesall Woods - a mile from our house.
There were so many bluebells around. They were a joy to see... But wait a minute, the bell is ringing. Coming dearest! Pardon?... Must hurry, her ladyship wants her toenails clipping. See you!


  1. Good for Shirley, keeping you out of mischief, YP! Lots of bluebells here in our valley too.

  2. Proffers her foot. "Over here when you've finished, my man!"

  3. JENNY Eh? "How Green Was My Valley" NOT "How Blue Was My Valley". Mind you didn't I read something about relationships in Wrexham in "The News of the World" - so could be blue I guess.
    KATHERINE Certainly ma'am. (doffs gamekeeper's cap) An' what can ah do for thee today milady?

  4. Elizabeth11:40 am

    If you went to school in Beverley, am I right in assuming that you were one of these clever kids who passed their eleven plus and went to grammar school? x

  5. Hey Yorkie!

    Just thought I'd pop on over to let you know I answered your last comment and even posted a new post lol. First one since September 23rd last year. Downright scary how long I've been away.

    I have to say, that photo of the bluebells brought back some lovely memories for me as a kid. My Dad used to take me and my sister to Graves Park on a Sunday morning, in the spring, we'd pick a huge bunch of bluebells that grew like a carpet in the shade of the trees there and take them home to mum.

    Strange how a simple photo can jostle the memories sometimes.

  6. The thought of your pecs and biceps glinting in the May sunshine amidst all that dirt and all those daffodils, not to mention all those toenail clippings, has caused a serious sensory overload in parts of the blogosphere. WARNING! WARNING! DANGER, WILL ROBINSON! DANGER!

  7. This planet is confused. California is getting weather meant for you, and you are getting our sun. Brrrr. It's cold again today, overcast and foggy. Please send vitamin D, we are all fading away.

  8. ELIZABETH Yes. At eleven I was a cleverclogs and scored the highest 11+ score in the county. Since then my brain has been mouldering.
    DAWN Nice to see you back in the blogosphere and I am pleased my bluebell picture sparkede a happy memory.
    RHYMES Young man! There's no need to feel down I said - young man!...It's fun to stay at the YMCA!
    JAN BLAWAT It's not Vitamin D you need honey it's homegrown potatoes! And I'm just loving this Californian sun. Surf's up!


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