10 February 2011


So here I am in Thailand at just gone 6am on Friday morning. I have just emailed this message to Shirley, Frances, Ian and his girlfriend - Ruby:-

Hello Loved Ones! Well here I am in the Serene B&B in Bangkok. My room is the Ricefield Room. There are two huge pastoral murals painted on the walls depicting rural Thai life. In the shower room there is a massive ceramic urn filled with cold water but there is also a warm shower. The bed is like a huge basket.

John and Denise were waiting for me at the airport. There was a delay at Dubai because of fog. Last night we strolled through the sultry heat past the concrete flyover and the petrol station to a bar with live miked music. I had a large beer and a lovely little chicken noodle dish with iceberg lettuce.

I woke far too early. I am meeting John and Denise at 7am for the fifteen minute stroll to the school. I have a full day and will no doubt have a lot to learn. It's 6am now and already I am thinking - thank heavens for air conditioning!

Written at the internet station in the lobby. I haven't got a wifi password yet.


  1. So glad you arrived safely. Thanks for the note and the photos.

    Hope your WiFi connection gets up and running soon. I know you will have much to share with us.

    Take care.

  2. Best wishes, hoping you have a great time over there.

  3. congratulations!
    fly the sheffield flag over there for us all
    looking forward to hear all about your adventures

  4. Fantastic! Enjoy your time there and keep posting. :)

  5. PAT I'm on wifi in the hotel room now but I am not going to be here for more than a couple of days.
    BRIAN Thank you old chum.
    JOHN GRAY Your tales of N. Wales life will help to keep me cool.
    JENNY The children I have met so far are really lovely. They all applauded me in assembly with absolutely no irony.

  6. 'John'?! With an 'h'?! You must have been high on jet lag!

  7. Good to learn that your voyage was quite bon.


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