11 February 2011


So we strolled along past the concrete flyoverand the surging seven am traffic to the urban oasis of my Bangkok International School - "Where East Meets West". What a spiffing day I have had. How sweet and respectful the children are and how eminently manageable my teaching timetable will be.

I must of course be careful what I write here as it is possible that via searching others may happen upon this post. If they do I have nothing but positive feelings towards the school and the prospect of four and a half months working there seems quite delightful.

I have discovered that naming practices in Thailand are very different from our own. Children have long often rhythmical formal names but they all also have "nicknames" which is how their familes, friends and schoolteachers know them. Names I have encountered so far include: Poo, Mark Hughes, P, Gabby, Trust and Do. Brilliant! If I were to have a Thai nickname it would be either Tiger or Tetley.

Tonight I am going into the centre of Bangkok for a few beers with John and "the lads". Just had a refreshing swim in the Serene's serene little pool. The heat is so thick you could chew it.


  1. Sounds wonderful, YP. What a relief that you don't have to get your head around long, complicated names. :)

  2. Who are you, and what have you done with Yorkshire Pudding???

  3. JENNY Yes. I think I will remember Poo and Bunny.
    RHYMES WITH Yorkshire Pudding? I ate him with some beef and gravy. Delicious!

  4. I'm so glad you had a spiffing day!
    May every day you spend there be the same!

    Please send a little of that heat this way.

  5. Looking forward to hearing of your adventures in teaching, YP. Glad you made it safely. The Serene B&B sounds sublime (serene would be too silly). We are studying alliteration in our poetry unit, can you tell?

  6. The adventure begins Mr Pudding! how wonderful....

  7. Sounds great, and hot, though after reading the second paragraph, there is a slight doubt - don't worry, if you need to get out of there quickly, just put in the relevant clues and a rescue squad will soon be put together. Probably.

  8. A different kind of teaching, no doubt, from the British secondary school type. I'm doing a different kind too - mine's with medical students of course - and I'm loving it. I hope you will love yours as much as I love mine.


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