1 August 2011


Today, August 1st, is Yorkshire Day when we who belong to the proud Yorkshire nation rejoice at our good fortune. There's lively clog dancing in the streets, exciting whippet racing on the moors, athletic pie-throwing in the parks, darts and domino tournaments in the pubs and in the privacy of their own homes, Yorkshire families sit down for hearty meals of tripe and onions or steamed steak and kidney puddings or battered Whitby cod, preceded naturally by golden Yorkshire puddings hosting little lakes of beef and onion gravy. We have much to be grateful for in these broad acres - God's own county - the history, the rivers, the undulations of the hills, inventiveness and forthrightness, the beauty of the womenfolk, the pies, the rural/urban balance and oh... I feel an acrostic poem coming on...

Over the moors
Real people live
Kindly and true
Sensible and
I am from this beautiful land
Raised in Yorkshire
Ee by gum!

My sincere commiserations to any readers of this blog who are completely devoid of Yorkshire ancestry or Yorkshire blood. Life must be so miserable for you! Happy Yorkshire Day everyone!


  1. A white rose for York; a red rose for Lancaster, blended together into a Tudor rose for England's continuity....

    In a sense, your celebration is rather like U.S. southerners waving their Confederate banners, isn't it?

    But I mean no disrespect....

  2. And what about the clog dancing? Oh no, that's Lancashire, isn't it - still, not much difference really, all up there in that there north...! (Ooops!) ;)

  3. I never could understand why you Yorkies pour gravy on your pudding instead of custard. Or do you save it all for the produce of the Rhubarb Triangle?

  4. RHYMES WITH VAGUE No offence taken sir but in the span of human history, Yorkshire is like a great grandfather whereas the Confederacy was born just yesterday.
    JENNY Clogs were invented in Yorkshire by The Right Honourable Nicholas Clog. Then we exported the idea to Holland and Lancashire.
    SHOOTING IAN Only culinary idiots put custard on Yorkshire pudding. Here on the nicer side of the Pennines we do indeed put our high quality dairy custard on rhubarb desserts but also on other well-known desserts originally devised by Yorkshire chefs and housewives - apple crumble, Eve's pudding, apple pie, spotted dick, treacle tart etc. etc.

  5. I am waving my flag with a photo of martic caine on it!

  6. Well here's an Aussie who also loves Yorkshire too.
    Happy Yorkshire Day !
    PS. Treacle tarts come from Yorkshire too? Fantastic!( but a minus score for Spotted Dick )

  7. Happy Yorkshire Day Mr P...from o'er tops....

  8. Now I know where the Yorkshire Terrier I had for 11 years got his remarkable attitude.

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