15 August 2011


Remember penicillin? Aspirin? Viagra? Well there is a new wonderdrug on the market, specially devised for bloggers who encounter a kind of creative constipation. Perhaps you have had the feeling? You have been blogging away happily for months and then suddenly you hit a wall. Nothing to say. Out of ideas. You have said it all before. Sounds familiar? Well very probably you need to give new "Blogolax" a try. Complete the course and within days you will be back blogging again like a lunatic.

Read some of the testimonials:-

"I had been blogging for a few years about life in my idyllic Welsh village when I suddenly found I had nothing left to say. Then a friend told me about Blogolax and before I knew it I was hammering away at my keyboard again with vivid poultry and canine tales that were more intense and amusing than ever before and all thanks to Blogolax" - John Gray "Going Gently"

"After retirement, I would lie in bed till noon moaning: 'Oh woe is me!' I virtually gave up blogging from my luxurious ranch near Sacramento, California but then a friend gave me a few Blogolax caplets. I swallowed them and the following morning I returned to blogging with greater energy and imagination than ever before. Blogolax has changed my life." - Jan Blawat "Cosumne Girl"

"Of course I have experimented with many drugs in my life - usually for recreational purposes. But when I found I couldn't blog any more I turned to Blogolax. A Blogolax capsule a day has turned me back into a fertile blogger with plenty to say. Thank heavens for new Blogolax." - Rory Rhodes "Shooting Parrots"

So why wait? If you find your blogging juices have run dry, it's time for Blogolax - for bloggers who care!

Capsules can be purchased from Yorkshire Pudding Enterprises Ltd at only £14.50 per capsule. Ten capsules only £145.00. Credit card details should be posted to this blog address. Remember to include £17.50 for postage and packing with each order.


  1. If you sell enough of those, perhaps you can join us here in Hawaii before we leave on Friday.

  2. Hilarious! I think you can safely join Del-boy (Only Fools and Horses) in confidently stating, "This time next year, Shirley, we'll be millionaires!"

  3. And don't forget those other essentials for the bloggers medicine cabinet: Imodtedium for those with bloggers' diarrhea; Blogbruprofen for bloggers who are a pain and; Blogagra to spice up your blog life.

  4. JAN Perhaps next year. My pharmaceutical company has just got off the ground and I had to plough several thousands of pounds into research and development.
    JENNY Ha! Ha! Nice one!
    SHOOTING PRONOUNS All of those brand names are registered with Company House and are for the exclusive use of Yorkshire Pudding Enterprises Ltd. We are looking for a few guinea pigs on whom to test Blogara and your profile fits the bill nicely. A week's course is already in the post. Give Mrs P appropriate warning.

  5. You are so considerate....such care for others......

  6. I hope you're going to post the active ingredients. It sounds like a super bargain and definitely can't wait to buy! now just a minute while I find my credit card - oh dear, I think the dog might have eaten it....

  7. LIBBY Oh don't! You're making me blush! Although Blogolax shares have rocketed I never launched it for the money - just for the good of mankind! Do you give massages by the way?
    JENNY WOOLF Thanks for dropping by! I am honoured to be visited by such an esteemed travel writer. The main ingredient in Blogolax is acetaminophen which is widely and safely used in America. If your credit card has been chewed by the dog I will accept used banknotes in a brown envelope.

  8. maybe I'd better order some, my blog has been suffering from a lack of postings... :-)


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