1 October 2005


And now for something light and airy. Dear visitors to this egomaniacal site, why not make your own lists? It's amazing what they reveal about us. Interactive feature - I will later add the best extra "pet hates" submitted by visitors.
Top Ten Pet Hates
1. Religion of any hue
2. Mobile Phones (Cellphones)
3. Electric Hand-Dryers
4. Dog crap in the street
5. Cigarette smoke
6. Britney Spears
7. Anything to do with Harry Potter
8. Hospital operations on TV
9. Dentists
10. Chewing gum spattered pavements

Top Ten Likes
1. Nookie
2. Saturday morning
3. Hull City scoring
4. Curry at the Kashmir Curry Centre
5. Visual art that moves you.
6. Tetley’s Bitter
7. Being thrust back in your seat by an
aeroplane’s acceleration
8. Swimming in a warm sea
9. My guitar
10. Watching birds
Top Ten Places in the World
1. St Faith’s Churchyard, Leven,
East Yorkshire
2. The Boathouse, Laugharne, Wales

3. Apalachicola, Florida
4. The top of our garden on
a summer’s evening
5. Boothferry Park, Bunker’s Hill
Terrace (old Hull City ground)
6. Sunset Beach, Ios, Greece
7. Braithwaite, Cumbria
8. Flamborough Head, East Yorkshire
9. Mofmanu Beach, Rotuma, Fiji
10. Our bed
Top Ten Famous people
1. Bob Dylan
2. Jackson Browne
3. Thor Heyerdahl
4. Captain James Cook
5. John Fowles
6. Ken Wagstaff (Hull City legend)
7. Vincent Van Gogh
8. Dylan Thomas
9. Geoff Boycott
10. Janet Street-Porter (token woman)


  1. A pleasant surprise. Found you while
    going through Technorati. Top ten pet hates: On the same wave length except
    perhaps Item 9 "Dentists". Consider them a necessary evil. When it comes to their bills, yes I hate them. Top ten likes: Afraid I'm unfamiliar with most of them. Tetley's Bitter, a
    resounding yes. Had the pleasure of walking on Yorkshire Dales (Ilkley to Bowness on Windermere). Re: Top ten people, I posted an entry in my blog today about Dylan Thomas!

  2. I found you while surfing for interesting blogs. I like it, good content. I've left an invitation to you to visit me if you are into ebooks - Thanks, Neil

  3. I'll play but I can't think tonight... I'll get back.


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